Top 10 Foods in india

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India being a country with mixed races, cultures and religions has enriched itself with various cuisines coming from various areas of the country. Be it that the delicacies from ancient India or contemporary one, the love and affection that's being pumped by the Indians have made every food out of here famous worldwide. It will not be an exaggeration when stated that India is famed for its food all over the world.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani: Being famous because of its non-vegetarian dish, one can also get its own vegetarian version. Mutton/chicken/vegetables marinated on special spices and condiments then cooked with yogurt and rice gives such taste you won't forget in your life.


2. Masala Dosa: Being created with rice and urddaal and packaged with mix veggies, this delicacy is in the hit list of food lovers because beyond. Coming with various variations, dosa has taken a leading place from the south Indian food.


3. Idli Sambhar: This really is an icon of South Indian dish that is highly nutritious and gut filling. Mix vegetable curry with lentils and a tadka of curry leaves fulfills the criteria of nice sambhar and rice urd glue that after steaming supply fluffy idlies are too great to eat.


4. Butter Chicken: Lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine being produced with additional butter tadka which is highly full of flavor and nourishment both.


5. This normal Punjabi cuisine is so full of texture and flavor from healthy mustard leaves and corn floor you can't have just one.


6. Palak Paneer: Paneer rich in calcium and palak abundant in all of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary in the body, I believe this dish will rank number one when it comes to nutrition. After seasoning with garlic and garam masala this one is loved vegetarian dish among all Punjabi dishes.


7. DaalBatiChurma: Famed delicacy of Rajasthan where daal is made of lentils, bati, the tricky round breads from the wheat and churma is any dry vegetable preferably potato. Delicious, yummy and scrumptious all these words fits perfectly with this dish.


8. Machi Bhat: Coming right from Bengal it's one exotic meal comprises fish cooked in peppermint gravy and layered with rice. Additionally, this is regarded as their traditional meals and is being created each time in every special occasion. Marinated using lenom juice, it elevates tangy taste making it among its kind.


9. The aromas of the species that are inculcated in it make it one awesome dish.


10. Dum Aloo: Again one signature dish from Kashmir has obtained a spot in heart of individuals be it from any region of the world. Baby potatoes are cooked in sweet and thoroughly rich curry with lots of spices and condiments, which makes it one awestruck delicacy.


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