Shangguanding Sunken Sand Valley

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Aoki looked at the back of the man and suddenly remembered something, but he couldn't remember what it was. He asked himself blankly, "Who is he?"? Who is he? Why are you so familiar? Jin Yin Zhi Qiu just turned around and laughed loudly. "Ha ha ha," he said. "How are you, Taoist Priest? Be happy!" Aoki thought he was still going to call himself "Little Taoist." When he heard him call him "Taoist," he immediately bowed to him and said, "Elder Qiu is so young that I can see him again in this life. How lucky I am!" Twenty years ago, they fought a big battle on Zhuzhi Mountain. Since then, Aoki has lost all his skills. So far, there is still an appointment between them to challenge Lu Jie. However, when they meet again, they are gentle and free. Although the wording is polite, the words still contain infinite sincere wishes. This is the true character of Wulin heroes! Gold and silver fingers twirled his long beard and looked up at the sky. In his mind, the "little Taoist priest" on Zhuzhi Mountain in those days floated again, pointing to the scene of five people in succession, and a heroic smile appeared on his mouth. The Taoist Priest Aoki gazed at the yellow sand at the foot of the cliff. As soon as noon passed, calm was restored. It was pale yellow and even. Then, the four big characters "The Best in the World" appeared in the vast expanse. However, the four big characters suddenly grew wings and gradually flew away. Aoki swallowed his saliva and murmured, "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Jie'er will catch it steadily!" He turned his head and met Qiu Zheng's eyes. Qiu Zheng smiled kindly. He shouted, "The Taoist Priest has recovered most of his flying skills. It's really gratifying." Aoki smiled and said,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, "I've been working hard for twenty years, but I can only get through one of the eight veins. It seems that I can't recover in this life." Although Qiu Zheng felt sorry for Aoki's internal injuries, he was not ashamed at all, and Aoki Taoist was even more unrepentant. He was only extremely proud of this serious injury. So when they talked about it, there was no awkwardness between them. Aoki looked at the gentle smile and thought, "Time has changed people. Although his nature will not change, his ferocity has been worn away." Qiu Zheng said lightly,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, "Next spring, the disciples will go to the past appointment. I sincerely hope that he will be famous all over the world." Aoki laughed noncommittally, but there was infinite confidence in his hearty laughter. Gold and silver fingers reached out and patted his head, thinking that there was nothing to say, so he gave a long laugh and flew away. Taoist Aoki looked around and thought to himself, "Who on earth is that man with a human skin mask?"? If I look at his behavior again, I think I can remember who he is-I guess the secret of this mysterious valley will be found in this person at that time. He went to the edge of the cliff and looked down again at the valley of sinking sand. Now that he had got this clue, the mysterious valley suddenly seemed no longer so mysterious. He gathered around gently and walked quickly away from the cliff, but for a moment there was no trace of him. Calm returned to the cliff. "The yellow sand is still there, and Emei is unharmed. Three hours have passed." "Brush", a figure fell down, almost along the same path, flying on the better stones. Steadily, he ran to the edge of the cliff and carefully surveyed the four directions, but there was no sign of anyone. So he stood on a protruding rock and shouted, Prison toilet for sale ,Manual Flush Valve, "Ice in midsummer, sweat in winter, the valley of cold and heat, the wonder of the world." His voice was so loud that it echoed in the mountains. As soon as the last word "Jing" came out, the accent of the first word "Sheng" just arrived. In an instant, it seemed that there was a man on the opposite side of the mountain, and then he shouted these four sentences. He shouted twice, but there was no sign of him. He could not help frowning. "Why haven't you come yet? I thought I was three hours late." Under his eyes, he could clearly see his face, which was a thin old man with a long beard under his chin and bright eyes. After waiting for a while, he stood up impatiently, whipped a few square steps, and murmured, "Why haven't you come yet?"? Strange, why don't you come? Then he raised his breath and said, "It freezes in midsummer and sweats in winter. The valley of cold and heat is a wonderful sight in the world." When he said the last word, he suddenly turned around, rubbed his hands and snapped, "Who is he?" Sure enough, I don't know when there was a man standing proudly on the rock behind me. The man was tall and broad, with a tiger's arm and a wolf's waist. He stood on the stone like a jade tree facing the wind. The old man couldn't help exclaiming, "It's you, Cha!" "The Great Protector of Linghu, please," said the man proudly. "You can check the courtesy of Ru'an." This man turned out to be Zha Ru'an, who captured China with one sword! Linghu really didn't expect Zha Ru-an to appear here. He glared at him coldly and was about to open his mouth when Zha Ru-an said, "I dare to ask the Great Protector of the Dharma. It can be called the Valley of Cold and Heat."? Is this valley also known as the valley of cold and heat? Linghu Zhen felt a shock in his heart and thought to himself, "I dare to listen to the signal I shouted just now." His face sank and he said in a gruff voice, "The valley of cold and heat is the valley of cold and heat, and this valley is the valley of sinking sand." Zha Ruan looked up to the sky and said slowly, "If Zha's guess is right, I think there is some kind of secret in this valley, ha ha." Linghu Zhen's face changed slightly. "Is there such a thing?" He forced? Master Zha, can you tell the old man? When Zha Ru-an saw that he was pretending to be stupid, he didn't ask any more questions. He just said lightly, "All the Wulin in the world have noticed that this valley is coming. Zha thought that even if there was a secret, the secret would not last long. Humph." Linghu was even more surprised. "I'm sending a message for the religious leader," he said. "It's not a big secret. Do the religious leaders really have any secrets to hide from me?" As the Great Protector of the Dharma, he didn't even know the details of the religious leader. Thinking of this, he couldn't help being suspicious. He said to himself, "I, Linghu Zhenzang, belong to the Wulin Sect. For that.." A word of promise, come to protect the Dharma for this boy. A real man's word is as good as nine tripods. That's all right. But if you have any plot to harm nature and justice, don't blame me, Linghu,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, for turning against me. Tiantai Demon King has been irascible and perverse all his life. Although he has killed countless people, he thinks he has never killed innocent people. Although the decent Wulin regards him as a devil, he does not hate him deeply.