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Looked at the time, he should also go to check the results of Bai Xia's play. Sneaking around the villa, he finally unscrewed the door of Tang Lingyi's bedroom and saw the movement of the balcony. Tang Feibai quietly went in, thinking to himself, where the play is not good, to pick his own bedroom, is really his heart can be punished. The French doors to the balcony were only half open, and the curtains were undulating in the wind. Tang Feibai stepped on the carpet silently and approached a little, only to hear the words whispering over there. Tang Lingyi's acting is as bad as he thinks. Although Tang Feibai praised him during the meal, he actually knew very well in his heart that he used to act in a drama just to read the words to the stage, and his expression might be similar to that of his meeting now. But to say that his acting is poor at the moment does not mean that his expression is the same as when he was in the meeting. But this seemingly implicit, but actually seductive and obvious appearance, is not what the third man should look like in this play, nor is it the third man's public persona. The melancholy of male 3 Gao Leng?? Tang Feibai has studied this part of the play. Although it is a wall thump, it is only an action to satisfy the fantasy of young girls. At the moment, the heart of the third man does not fluctuate, but blocks the way of the third woman. He asks a few words with a cold expression, which inadvertently opens the girl's heart of the third woman. Although his cousin is not melancholy and has no juvenile temperament,Time Delay Tap, at least he is cool. Why is it that he has now become a domineering president who flirts with girls outdoors? Isn't he afraid of being too greasy? Look at Bai Xia again. Tang Feibai twitched slightly at the corners of his mouth, feeling that he still didn't want to check, it was time to withdraw. Let's stop here. Tang Lingyi saw Tang Feibai just now, and after reading the last lines, he took his arm back. After he retreated, Bai Xia finally had the feeling that her little heart could land smoothly. Walking into the bedroom from the balcony, looking at Tang Feibai,Stainless Steel Toilet China, who was reluctant to speak, she asked confidently, "Did you see it just now?" "I saw it." "Do you think I've made any progress?" Tang Feibai looked at her red face and looked at Tang Lingyi who went to drink water next to her. "Do you want me to tell the truth?" Bai Xia:.. Is it not good? "You have what you lack, but you don't have what you know." Tang Feibai said helplessly, "My cousin completely deviated you from this role. I suspect you have forgotten that you are filming.". I ask you, who are you now? Bai Xia, who tried to get into the role every day but deviated, glanced at Tang Lingyi, who was holding the cup: ".." Who is she? Where is she? After Bai Xia went back, he spent another night doing his homework on the script. She understood what Tang Feibai meant. In front of the director, she acted completely according to her own understanding of Muge, but when she played with Tang Lingyi, she forgot the character of the role. But she felt that this must be Tang Lingyi's pot, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Flush Retrofit Kit, they played against each other for an hour or two, repeating this paragraph, but he did not remind her except to read the lines. And she found out later that Tang Lingyi's performance was not what the role should look like at all. Bai Xia lay on the bed with her legs up, and the open script covered her head. Strange, obviously he did not play like Lin Weidong, but this kind of blushing heartbeat inexplicable feeling, is not with Lin Weidong when the play. It seems that as Tang Feibai said, his cousin has a magical skill to bring people into the play. Talent. She took down the script and murmured, "He has such a good talent, why not act?" Bai Xia bit the marker in his mouth, thought of this idea, and suddenly wanted to ask. She picked up her cell phone and sent a message to Tang Lingyi. [Bai Xiaxia: Mr. Tang, I want to ask you a question.] [Bai Xiaxia: You are so talented. Why don't you go to shoot?] By this time it was already eight o'clock in the morning, and Bai Xia put her cell phone beside her, holding her head in her hand and waiting. She didn't wait for a moment before the reply came. Tang Lingyi: What do you mean? Want me to shoot with you? Bai Xia:?? She was simply curious about how she could bother him again. [Tang Lingyi: But the director probably won't agree, and I don't have much time.] Tang Lingyi: You can play in private. You can come to me if you want. I'll see if I can spare time. 】 Bai Xia did not reply and tilted his head to think. She felt that the play with him, as if really deviated, since this feeling is grasped, she still pondered how to substitute the role, and how to find the feeling with Lin Weidong. And on the director's side, the second audition can't be delayed too long, otherwise the role will be someone else's. Bai Xia thought so and felt that the time was quite urgent. She first found Wu Yang's WeChat. Bai Xiaxia: Brother Wu Yang, I want to ask Lin Weidong if he has time these two days. The director gave me a second chance, and I seem to have found a little feeling, and I want to try to play with him. No ABS, no name change: Yes, yes, yes, he has time today. During this period, he turned down other work for the play, and I agreed for him. [Bai Xiaxia: [Smile] Good gay friend, whether I can pass or not depends on you!] The phone vibrated twice, and the circle on the upper left of Wechat showed a 2. She guessed that it might be Tang Lingyi, and cut over to reply to him and said no. Tang Lingyi: Do you want today? Afternoon or evening, what time? [Tang Lingyi: You name the time, and I'll ask the secretary to arrange it.] Bai Xia felt that since he had agreed with Wu Yang, he did not want to be a pigeon. That Tang Lingyi's words, have not arranged, do not arrange. [Bai Xiaxia: Thank you, Mr. Tang, but no need. I asked my friend to make an appointment with Lin Weidong. I'm going to use my experience to talk to him again.] After sending the past did not see the reply, Bai Xia felt a little guilty. I can't say where the guilty conscience is. She might as well thank you again for helping so much. Bai Xiaxia: Thank you so much,stainless steel squatting pan, Mr. Tang. You are really nice. If I pass this audition, I will invite you to dinner! In a popular post of a CP group, two items of progress appeared in the morning. cnkexin.com