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"In this way, you can be my vessel." "I'm worried about finding a container to enter the mainland of Tianwu." The purple-robed man grinned coldly and said, "Arrest the four of them." "In addition.." The man in purple robe looked at Long Fei and said slightly, "Are you Long Fei, the son of prophecy?" Long Fei grinned and said, "It seems that you know very well." "I didn't expect you to be so young," said the man in purple robe. "The people of the Dragon family are really different. They are not people who have the blood of the divine world." "This is also good, but also save me trouble again, as long as you control, the dragon domain is in my hands." Immediately. "Catch them all alive," said the man in purple robe with a sullen smile. Long Fei five people stood motionless in the same place. At the moment when they rushed up, Long Fei's mind moved and he summoned the Shenwu cannon. He raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "I'll bombard you first!" Fairy crystal release. The Shenwu cannon blasted out. Boom! The sound is loud. Only At that moment, a man who looked like an elder rushed up and directly wrapped the energy released by the God King's cannon with a huge force and squeezed it hard. In just a few seconds, the fairy crystal energy directly turned into a small spark and disappeared! "I wipe!" "How fierce!" Long Fei said excitedly. The man in purple laughed and said, "How could you attack us with the power of the mainland of Tianwu?"? Boy, there's a hierarchy of people,collapsible pallet box, and there's a hierarchy of planes. "Everything in Tianwu Mainland is like shit in front of us." "Do you understand?" Long Fei nodded with interest and said, "So that's it." The purple-robed man smirked and said, "Do you understand now?"? However Late, ha ha ha. Long Fei, you will be my puppet. One plane, one skill. A level of realm. The higher the level of the plane,plastic pallet supplier, the more powerful it is. The attack and power of the lower planes, even in the powerful magical power, can not be released because of the limitation of the power of law. Yan Huang Lao Zu also said. Long Fei didn't believe it, but now he does. But. He was not worried. As soon as his mind moved, he said slightly, "Since the power of the mainland of Tianwu is of no use to you, let you see the power of another world." "Nock, come out!" "Galen, bring me your great sword!" "Boom!" "Boom!" The two great gods fell from the sky, knelt on one knee, and said heavily, "See my king!" Long Fei still had a card in his mind, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet bin, but it was not released. "Kill!" Said Long Fei slightly. They do not belong to Tianwu Mainland, they belong to the League of Legends, so they are not restricted by the plane at all. The man is in the tower! With a loud roar, Galen picked up the big sword and rushed out, rushing into the crowd, whirlwind chop, six endless blades produced a crazy crit. A stream of blood rises above the heads of these purple bosses. But. The damage is not high. Two people are also surrounded in an instant, and it is difficult to display. The man in purple robe still had a proud smile on his face and said, "I always thought you were a very smart man, but now it seems that you are very stupid." "Pretty stupid." Do you think just two guys like this can compete with the chaotic world? Long Fei, I have to say, your brain is in shit, ha ha ha. The man in purple robe was very proud. Now he saw the secret treasure of the Dragon Land waving to him. He will be the first person in the chaos world. This made him laugh proudly, and all these years were worth it. He suffered a lot in order to get through the portal. Now Success is only one step away from him, as long as the dragon flies to control, the dragon domain is in his hands, those super Lingbao on the divine world. The secret method of supernatural power. Even All this is possible to control the dragons of the upper divine world. The man in purple robe went to Longfei step by step. The disciples in the whole valley also surrounded Longfei. Long Fei is like fish on the chopping block. But. In Long Fei's eyes, they are the fish on the chopping block, let him slaughter! The purple-robed man smirked and said, "Long Fei, surrender, so that you can suffer less.". ” Long Fei smiled coldly and said, "Surrender?" "Hey, hey." With disdain in his eyes, the purple-robed man said, "Smile?" "It seems that you really overrated yourself." Long Fei said slightly, "I don't know how to overreach myself. I want you to know what is the capital of overreaching yourself." "Beamon!" "Shoot him to death!" The voice fell. On the portal, a huge hand came out with a hard slap. Boom! There was an explosion. The man in purple robe fell to the ground, his head cracked, and a deep pit was smashed on the ground. Second kill! —— Chapter 5! Reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 1077 prepare for war. Hall of Immortals. On the main hall, gathered the Tianwu mainland peak strong. Compared with a year ago, the number of strong people gathered by Gu Tongtian has increased from more than sixty to more than one hundred, and the peak strong people in the mainland of Tianwu have basically been gathered by him. And. Many of them are demons who break through the shackles of the law. The demon who was once crushed by the dragon family. Each of their cultivation is the realm of flying immortals. They all have one thing in common. They are running out of life yuan. "Brother Gu, Long Fei has disappeared in the wilderness for a full year. Are you sure he will appear again?" The Demon Ancestor of the Western Regions asked. This is also what many strong people want to know. If Long Fei does not appear, the Dragon Domain cannot be opened. Then they're wasting their time here. Yes, you promised us that we could open the Dragon Domain and get the secret method of longevity inside,plastic pallet manufacturer, otherwise why should we stay here and waste time? "That's right." "Brother Gu, you have to give us an explanation." A year has passed since Longfei entered the wilderness, and there has been no news about Longfei in this year.