Gods Eye Plunder-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Then the monk on the right stopped cleaning and looked up the mountain path, murmuring, "Who came in such a hurry so early in the morning?" When the monk on the left heard this, he stopped and looked. He heard the sound of rapid footsteps in his ears. As he approached, he said strangely, "It seems that someone has something urgent to do. It's strange.." 。 The voice did not fall, a man with yellow face and gray clothes, has appeared in the line of sight, step like flying, to the Shaolin Temple. The man was covered with dust and hurried. Seeing this, the two monks were slightly stunned. But when they saw the yellow-faced man approaching, they stopped and folded their fists and said, "Excuse me, two young masters. Can you tell me that I want to see you?" A monk on the right saluted and said, "What's the name of the benefactor Gao?" The yellow-faced man said hurriedly, "I'm in Xialiang Tianren. I'm from central Hubei." "Oh," said a monk on the left! It was Almsgiver Liang I don't know what's urgent. I want to see the abbot of our temple. "The yellow-faced man said apologetically," Well.. Forgive me for not being able to speak to the young master. The two monks' eyes flashed and they looked at Liang Tianren for a long time. Then the monk on the left said thoughtfully, "If you want to see the abbot of our temple, you must first report to the master in the reception hall. The poor monk will first report to Master Zhike and wait for a decision." At this point, he turned to the monk on the left and said, "Younger Martial Brother, please take this benefactor to the side hall and wait for a moment." With that, he turned and walked into the temple gate. Liang Tianren hurriedly thanked him with his hand. "Please come into the temple,plastic laminated tube, benefactor," said the monk on the right. He stepped up the steps, entered the temple gate, and walked to the right side hall. Liang Tianzai followed through the front yard and entered a slightly smaller side hall in the main hall. The leading monk pointed to the sandalwood chairs on the two walls of the hall and said, "Almsgiver Liang will sit down for a while. Master Zhike will come soon." Liang Tianren bowed humbly again and watched the monk leave. He was stunned. At this time, the sound of bells and chimes and Sanskrit singing floated out of the hall, and the sound was melodious, which made people feel unnaturally solemn, peaceful and serene. Liang Tianren suddenly gently-sigh! The sigh did not fall Suddenly he heard the sound of the name of the Buddha at the side door of the hall. "Is this Almsgiver Liang?" He asked. As soon as Liang Tianren raised his eyes,plastic cosmetic tubes, he saw a tall monk in his fifties, with a pale yellow cassock floating on his fingers. He walked in slowly, followed by the young monk who had been informed earlier. He stood up hurriedly and said, "I am Liang Tianren. This must be Master Zhike." "My law is good," said the monk Zhike Heshi. It is said that Shi mainly meets the abbot of our temple. I don't know if I can tell you first? "Then his eyes twinkled and he stared at Liang Tianren, as if he was checking his real purpose.". Liang Tianren hesitated for a moment and said, "There's nothing special about coming here. I'm just here on the orders of a senior to pay my respects to the abbot of your temple for advice." "Oh," said Master Zhike Fashan! I don't know the senior mentioned by the benefactor. Which one is the master? Liang Tianren replied heavily, "Mr. Han Zhu, Cen Tiangui!" Master Fa Shan looked shocked and said, "It's Mr. Liang Tanyue. I'm sorry." His tone, which had been entirely interrogative, had now changed to reverence. "Please report to the Abbot, Master," said Liang Tianren. Master Fa Shan said with a smile, "The Abbot has already known about it. I just want to find out the identity of the benefactor first. Now please follow me to the rear hall to meet the Abbot of our temple." Liang Tianren hurriedly bowed and said, "Master Youlao." Master Fa Shan returned the courtesy, aluminium laminated tube ,custom cosmetic packing, pointing to the right side door, and said, "Please, benefactor." Turn around and take the lead and walk slowly to get started. Liang Tianren followed respectfully, through a courtyard corridor, across the nave, into a garden, you can see a spacious rear hall, above the "Arhat Rear Hall" four-character horizontal plaque. He followed into the "Arhat Harem" eyes-swept down, the heart suddenly-Zheng. In the middle of the hall, sitting cross-legged on the group of Zhang Pu, was a thin old monk with white eyebrows. Moonlight cassock, holding a rosary, look solemn. On both sides stood four monks in their fifties, dressed in yellow cassocks, who looked like gods. It seemed that their status was not low. At the door stood eight middle-aged monks in their thirties. The atmosphere was very serious. Liang Tianren expected that the person sitting on the futon would be the contemporary master of Shaolin, Jingqing Zen Master, but he did not expect that there were so many people waiting. Just as he was startled, he saw Master Fa Shan, the monk who knew the guest, saluting the sitting master, saying, "Report to the master, 'Hanzhu' Tan Yuezhe's heir to the Liang benefactor.". ” Liang Tianren hurried forward a few steps. He bowed and said, "The younger generation has paid their respects to the elder master." Master Jingqing lifted his head slightly and said, "Almsgiver, don't be polite. I don't know if I can give you any advice." Liang Tianren suddenly felt a gentle and vigorous surge, blocking his bow and worship ceremony. He thought to himself: "a generation of Shaolin masters, their skills are really profound and unfathomable!" He said hurriedly: "The younger generation came here on the orders of the elder'Hanzhu 'and my father.." Jingqing Zen Master's eyes suddenly shot out two wisps of lightning-like light. He gazed at Liang Tianren and said slowly, "Almsgiver Hanzhu is not your father." Liang Tianren shook his head, but before he could speak, the head of Shaolin gave a sneer and said, "In my opinion, your name'Liang Tianren 'is also fabricated, isn't it?" Startled, Liang Tianren said to himself, "Headmaster of the Sect, your eyesight is really good." "Your wisdom is boundless," he said hurriedly! The younger generation has other difficulties. !” With another sneer, Master Jingqing recited the name of the Buddha in a low voice and said, "Amitabha, not only is the name of the benefactor false, but there is no expression on his face. Is it possible that his appearance is also false?" Then he said in a heavy tone, "There is nothing wrong with Buddhism. The benefactor is in a hurry, but he pretends to change his appearance and asks to see me under a false name. He is very scheming and his intention is not clear. Please tell me frankly." Liang Tianren sighed, "The older generation has insight into the subtleties, and the younger generation sincerely admires them." Then he raised his hand and wiped it on his face, took off the mask of human skin, and revealed a beautiful face with a sword eyebrow and an oblique ruler. Jing Qing's eyes brightened and he said slowly, "What's the real name of the benefactor?" "Fang Ying, the younger generation, my father Fang Tianyi, the'Divine Eye ', has come here and received instructions from the elder'Hanzhu'!" Master Jingqing said: "Oh! It turned out to be Fang Shao's benefactor. I have heard about your father in Jianghu. How is your father? "My father's whereabouts are unknown,plastic packaging tube," she said sadly. "I haven't heard from Hanzhu Old Tan Yue for five years," said Zen Master Jingqing. "Where are you now?" Two lines of tears suddenly fell from Fang Yingxing's eyes and he said, "Elder Hanzhu has passed away!"! The corpse was buried by the younger generation. !” "How did you die?" Asked Master Jingqing with a slightly startled look. emptycosmetictubes.com