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It had been half an hour since she had eaten the crystal blood dragon ginseng, and her body had turned snow-white. The whole body was snow-white, like pure snow, lying there quietly. At this time, Tang San also clearly felt that the energy that had been fluctuating in Xiaowu's body before gradually quieted down and scattered all over her body, no longer transforming her body as before. It's just that Xiaowu has a light layer of white frost on her body, which is attached to her hair and wraps her whole body in it. Just then, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside. The third brother, the people of the broken clan are coming. The Titan elders are letting you through. Tang Sanyi patted his forehead. The change of Xiaowu made him forget his business. He quickly stood up. Xiaowu's condition was now stable. Holding her body in her treasure bag, he pushed the door open and went out. Ma Hongjun was waiting at the door. As soon as he saw Tang San, he couldn't help saying, "Brother San, I'm afraid it's not easy to deal with that broken clan!"! The patriarch looked so difficult that he wouldn't even say a word more. It's like everyone owes him money. Tang San smiled and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Let's go and have a look first.". The way is always what people think. The two brothers soon arrived at the living room. Sure enough, there was already an old man in the living room. Behind him stood two young men, who looked about the same age as Tang San and Bai Chenxiang. As soon as Tang San entered the door,eye cream packaging tube, he noticed that the two young men's eyes drifted in the direction of Bai Chenxiang from time to time, apparently a little interested in the beautiful girl. Tang San did not stay on them much, but stagnated on the old man. The old man was tall and thin, somewhat similar to the white crane, but a head taller than the white crane, and his hair was not as white as the white crane's,cosmetic plastic tube, but black. The complexion is ruddy, but the expression is somewhat gloomy, the vulture's eyes give a person a kind of dense feeling. The white crane was sitting beside him, whispering something to him. Obviously, he is Yang Wudi, the patriarch of the broken clan. As soon as Tang San and Ma Hongjun came in, they became the focus of attention in the room. Titan stood up, walked up to Tang San with a smile on his face, put his arm around his shoulder and turned in the direction of Yang invincible. Come, old goat, let me introduce a little friend to you. Yang Wudi's eyes froze and he said lightly, pump tube ,empty lotion tubes, "Old orangutan, when did you have such a little friend?" Titan is not angry in the face of Yang's invincible coldness. He has long been used to this guy's attitude. "Aspiration is not high in age.". My little friend is not an ordinary person. Old goat, you must not look down upon him. Yang Wudi frowned and said, "Old orangutan, this is a gathering of our four clans.". I don't want to see outsiders. I have something to discuss with you. Titan frowned, Yang invincible today's mood seems not very good, usually although he is always a gloomy look, but not so do not give face. Old goat, why are you still the same. What the old orangutan can bring is certainly not an outsider. Niu Gao couldn't help opening his mouth. Yang invincible took a look at Niu Gao, "you are the master, you do not mind, what do I mind?"? Then let him be here. Titan's words were choked back by invincible Yang. Feeling a little bored, he pulled Tang San to sit down beside him. Niu Gao said to Yang Wudi, "Old goat, we're all here. What's wrong with you today?"? His face was as heavy as the bottom of a pot. Yang Wudi snorted coldly, "it's not those bastards in Wuhun Temple.". Do you know that the last three destroyed two? The three patriarchs looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. Yang Wudi said coldly, "Who can do such a thing except those madmen in the Hall of Martial Soul?". The last three sects have been destroyed, and the Hall of Martial Soul will hold a re-election meeting. In the city where I live, there is one of the next four of the original seven. They should not know the enmity between our broken clan and Wuhun Temple, but they came to me and asked me to join their clan. Or I will raze my broken family to the ground. Old orangutan, old rhinoceros, old white crane, if you want to treat me as a brother, we will unite to form a clan and have a good fight with Wuhun Temple. Let them know that we are not so easy to bully even if we belong to four families alone. The three patriarchs gaped at Yang Wudi and forgot to open their mouths for a moment. Yang Wudi's resentment was far greater than they expected. At this point, it looks like a volcano on the edge of an explosion. Yang invincible looks to 3 people, "how?"? Are you scared? The four of us join hands. There are also nearly a thousand soul masters. With our strength, we will not be much worse than any of the next four cases. Is there a way for us to survive? It's better to fight. There are two empires doing business with me. I have been in contact with the Xingluo Empire recently. If we form a clan, we might as well go to the capital of the Xingluo Empire. There, the power of Wuhun Temple is not too strong. Survival should not be a big problem. Over the years, we have some savings, and it is absolutely no problem to support the lives of all ethnic groups in a short time. And the royal family of the Xingluo Empire will also support us. Niu Gao couldn't help saying, "Old goat, did you suffer a loss?"? You're not usually so impulsive. Yang invincible complexion becomes more ugly, "suffer a loss?"? It's more than a loss. The bastards of the next four clans are ready to attack one of us. If I don't do something this time, you won't see me next year. "Old goat," said the Titan. Our ideas seem to coincide. Xiangjia Zong also came to the old rhinoceros the day before yesterday. We're alone. I'm afraid it will be very difficult to survive in the future. However, I am not optimistic about the Xingluo Empire. We are not familiar with the Xingluo Empire. No one has ever lived there. I discussed it with the old orangutan and the old goat. Get ready to go to Tiandou City together. In any case,tube lip gloss, I have been operating there for twenty years, and I have a foundation and a place for everyone to stay. Yang Wudi frowned. "Where are you going?"? That's not impossible. It's just that the business network of one of our broken families is in the Xingluo Empire. If you go to the Tiandou Empire, everything has to start from scratch. I'm afraid you can't feed everyone with the economic ability of one of your families. It's not easy to build a business network. 。