The Iceberg Lover of the Prodigal President

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I told you, we have something to do! And it's too important to talk about it now. He hung his shoulders in distress and sat down on the sofa. Tianyi pursed her thin lips and put her eyes on Peiqing again. She was already huddled in the lazy sofa in the corner with Enlin, not knowing what she was talking about. Maybe it's something funny, just look at them laughing so hard that their eyes are narrowed. I'll tell her later. I'll go with her. Just in time to ask her if she would sell me the painting. Works related to the story of Tianyi (5) Dust Xuan Hei Hei smiled and shook his head and said: "That's right, it's better to talk about business face to face.". Buying and selling? Tianyi frowned and really didn't like the word very much. Can not say where is wrong, had to curl lips way: "It's your treat tonight?" Dust Xuan two eyes a stare, wow shout loudly: What, my treat? It's your treat, right? Didn't you just win an international award? Take out the bonus! He opened his palm to the sky wing. Tianyi smiled and went up with a bang. The slap fell down and made Chen Xuan jump. "Hello!"! At least it's a brother, so cruel! He raised his thick eyebrows and screamed in protest. Pei Ching ran over with a smile, holding a half-open tulip in her hand, watching them fight and fight affectionately,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and interjected with interest: "Hey, what are you talking about?" Chen Xuan angrily twisted his head and exaggerated his mouth in silence. Tianyi pulled up her little hand holding the flower, sniffed it gently at the end of her nose, and said: "Chen Xuan said he would invite us to eat delicious food!" Familiar and natural movements, as if they had been rehearsed thousands of times,pumpkin seed extract, were like flowing clouds and flowing water at one go. "Hey, hey!"! Before he could retort, his mouth was covered by someone. Had to utter a mournful murmur. "He said he would treat us to Japanese food." Tianyi slanted his head and looked at Peiqing. His left hand twisted Chen Xuan's waist in the dark. It didn't matter to him, but Chen Xuan jumped up and tried his best to earn it. He flew to Enlin's side. The accusation glared at him. "You, you, you-" he was so angry that he couldn't find the right word to scold. His whole face turned red. Pei-ching looked at them amusingly, chuckled, and slanted her head at him. 'What's The matter? You don't? Cheapskate. Enlin did not hear the conversation between Dun Xuan and Tianyi, so she did not want to say: "Who said no?"? How dare he? Liu Mei a vertical, jujube seed powder ,rosmarinic acid supplement, delicate little face actually brought out a bit of majesty. "Ha ha!"! Chen Xuan also has to be hen-pecked! Peiqing clapped her hands happily. Tianyi lowered his head and looked at Peiqing's charming and lovely appearance, and could not help smiling. Such a free and easy temperament, always very easy to satisfy, just a few jokes, can also make her so happy. He suddenly remembered the bird flying in the sky. The sky was wide and the earth was wide. Even if it was hungry and tired, it was unwilling to fly into the golden cage and let people feed it. Suddenly, in a trance, a small hand was waving in front of him. He suddenly came to his senses and saw Peiqing looking at him curiously with a pair of bright eyes. She was only up to his shoulders, so when she stood in front of him, she always looked more petite and exquisite. "What are you thinking?" It's amazing to see that she can see the soul out of body! He raised his hand uncomfortably, coughed lightly, and laughed twice. "Nothing, nothing." Enlin had already taken her bag and came out of the lounge inside the gallery. Come on, let's go to dinner, Japanese food. I know a Japanese restaurant where the sashimi is especially delicious. ” Peiqing jumped up and down and took her hand and asked: "Where?"? Where is it? Is it the one near the children's park? Kazan Izakaya? Enlin nodded and said: "Well, that's the one. Have you been there?"? Is the sashimi very delicious there? "No, I haven't been there yet. I just heard about it. It seems to be very famous." "Yes, I went there last month, but I heard that the boss seems to have changed. I don't know how they are doing now." Tianyi and Chenxuan followed, chuckling. Four people got on the Porsche sports car of Tianyi, all the way to the mighty Asahi Izakaya. The two women pointed to the sign with great interest and commented: "This sign has been redesigned. It's very beautiful and chic. Look at the solid wood floor. It's also carved with patterns. And this word, it's all wrapped with copper wire before it's installed. It must look better after dark." "Yes, yes, it looks like the space is so high that you won't feel too depressed sitting inside." Tianyi and Chenxuan followed behind them, listening to their seemingly serious comments, and could not help shaking their heads and smiling. It seems that his design is still appreciated. He thought that in the eyes of Peiqing, an international oil painting genius, his design would not interest her! The lady in kimono saw the guests coming from a distance, and without waiting for them to approach,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, she pushed open the heavy glass door, followed by a 90-degree bow and a greeting in Japanese: "Welcome, good evening." 。