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If we define human nature as evil at the beginning, we may be able to reduce a lot of unnecessary disappointment in the later period. It's impossible. Just heard Xu Shengmin say so, Lan Qiqi shook his head, as if he had decided something, she looked in the direction of Bo Yan, "she has plenty of capital to become a green tea bitch, you are right." Good-looking, highly educated, good figure, plus a quarter of their own mixed-race genes, such girls have the strength to become the goddess pursued by men. Maybe subconsciously, I even want Bo Yan to become this kind of person. Lan Qiqi said, "But it's impossible. Bo Yan can't become such a person. She is such a Bo Yan." There is only one thin face in the world. Tang Wei went inside with a sneer, not taking care of Lan Qiqi and Xu Shengmin. The two of them stood outside and looked at each other. Do you think I need to go in and stop Tang Wei? Lan Qiqi threw the question to Xu Shengmin, "because I feel his expression is very bad." "The most correct way is to go in and stop and avoid some unnecessary friction." Xu Shengmin looked up and murmured, "but life." Or not how to live right, but how to live free. Lan Qiqi paused, stopped to catch up with him, pursed his lips, and looked at Xu Shengmin's side face. "Is the freedom you're talking about coming and going like this every day?" "What do you care?" Xu Shengmin stared at Lan Qiqi with a smile. "Why do you like to meddle in other people's private life so much?"? I love what I do,turmeric extract powder, and I don't beg you to pay attention to me. I really like to make trouble for myself, and I will say that I am not worried later. If you don't understand women, I don't care if you go out with other men, do I? For no reason, he became a gunpowder speaker. Lan Qiqi swallowed back what she wanted to say next, perhaps because of the upsurge of alcohol, perhaps because the place of pleasure was too blurred, she did not want her mood to change on such an occasion. Because this change,saw palmetto extract, no matter which direction it goes, is fatal to her. However, Xu Shengmin is really not wrong. Twenty minutes later, he heard a shout coming from the bar, as well as the sound of other people fighting. He and Lan Qiqi changed their faces and ran towards the place where the sound was made. They saw Tang Wei pulling Bo Yan out of the crowd. When someone caught up with him, the man turned around and stopped Bo Yan. Then he lifted his leg and hit him hard. "***." Xu Shengmin took out his cell phone directly. "No, call someone.". Anyone who is so bold dares to attack Tang Wei! 23 Chapter 1231 don't mess with me, it's too bullying! Here Xu Shengmin is still on the phone, there Tang Wei has been surrounded by a group of people, and even some people drink too much, directly holding the bottle of wine to his head, "your mother does not have long eyes, right?"? How dare you come to our booth to rob a woman? Who are you? "" Tang Wei did not speak, but stared at the bottle that the other party had thrown at him. When the bottle was about to swing in his face, ghana seed extract ,ghana seed extract, he stepped back slightly, and then he pinched the man's wrist straight away. The next second, when his fingers turned hard, he had already thrown the man straight to the ground! He kicked the bottle so hard that it rolled into the corner and fell apart, scaring the people around him, together with the thin face behind him. Are you crazy Bo Yan was obviously frightened, "Tang Wei, stop it-they may have mistaken you for someone else!" "Shut up." Tang Wei stared at Bo Yan for a few seconds with a terrible cold look. In the pause of a few seconds, time passed quickly backward from behind Bo Yan at the speed of light years. She felt as if she had returned to two years ago, and the man who would look at her with arrogant eyes returned to Tang Wei's body in front of her. Xu Shengmin and Lan Qiqi stood aside, and Lan Qiqi asked in a low voice, "We stood at the door for a few minutes." What happened? "I don't know, listen to Bo Yan's words, it should be someone mistaken, and then want to pull Bo Yan to their side, just by Tang Wei saw.". Tang Wei pulled Bo Yan over, and it was estimated that he had aroused the anger of the gang and was chased all the way out. "Are you a detective?" Lan Qiqi was stunned and wanted to come forward, but there were still a group of people around her. She was afraid that she would rush out, causing Bo Yan and Tang Wei to be distracted, so she could only wait with Xu Shengmin for their people to come and help. However, before they could react, they heard a scream coming from the other side-all the people who came out to watch the play looked at the sound of the scream and found that it was Bo Yan who screamed. Yan Yan! Blood, bright red blood! Lan Qiqi thought it was Bo Yan who was injured. No matter what happened, Xu Shengmin rushed up first. He was so anxious that he had to follow him to help. As soon as they saw that the other side still had helpers, they became angry. "Well, it seems that you are ready to fight, aren't you?"! I tell you, today here in Datong Square, I have not been afraid of anyone, want to play, just come! Bo Yan's face was pale, and Tang Wei stood in front of her, his left hand pressing the arm of his right hand. Blood oozed slowly through his clenched fingers. Crazy Xu Shengmin shouted, "Tang Wei, be careful yourself!" "It's okay." Before Tang Wei could say anything, there was the sound of a sports car braking outside. The motor was turning and the dust was flying. People ran down the sports car. "What's going on?" "Ren Qiu Xuechang." Bo Yan surprised, Xu Shengmin pulled Tang Wei back, "Ren Qiu's family has something to do with the above, you don't make trouble today!" "Looking for death." Tang Wei looked at the other side, lowered his voice, rolled his intention to kill from his throat, and said to Xu Shengmin, "They gave Bo Yan the wine of the medicine!" Xu Shengmin at first just thought that the small friction was magnified by alcohol, did not expect such a serious thing, followed by a change of face, looked at the side of the thin face,akba boswellic acid, followed by his hand, "TM this is bullying people to bully the top of the head ah!"! A bunch of animals! 23 Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 1232 Every time, protected by him.