God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

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The lines jumped around him, then spread around, into the void, and around the whole yard. So, in a blink of an eye, a full hour passed. An hour passed and he stopped. Have you carved it? Asked the five-element crocodile. Lin Tian nods: "Barely carve a good corner." At this time, in this courtyard, he branded a corner of the large array of thousands of forbidden seals, which could easily suppress the true immortals. Only a dime? Still reluctant? The five-element crocodile was surprised. Lin Tian gave it a sidelong glance and said, "The great array of thousands of forbidden seals may have surpassed the rank of the true divine realm. With my present cultivation, how can it be completely engraved?"? It's pretty good to be able to carve a corner. The five elements crocodile is slightly stupefied, immediately nods: "Well, as if also is this truth." If you want to completely control the powerful supernatural power array, you must have the equivalent cultivation. Otherwise, it is impossible to bring the power of the supernatural power secret art into full play. If not, a monk in the realm of body refining can almost directly kill all the strong people in the realm of immortals, which is obviously unrealistic. Lin Tianwei took out two elixirs,nail manufacturing machine, which were used to quickly restore the divine power and soul power, and were obtained from the Du family. He took two elixirs and breathed quickly. His divine power and soul power began to recover at a very fast speed. Until half an hour later, his divine power and soul power had basically recovered 80%. He took a deep breath, paused and moved again, his hands moving slowly and rhythmically. Hum! Different array lines jumped out, with a sharp intention to kill, making the five elements crocodile and small Taichu can not help but shake,wire nail making machine, at this moment are feeling a very terrible killing machine, like to shatter everything. What array is this? The five-element crocodile stares. As Lin Tian carved the pattern of the array, he said, "The Yin and Yang Wuji Killing Array is also the big array contained in the Tianyi Soul Formula." Tianyi Soul Jue was left by the Emperor Tianzun. It includes all kinds of formations. There are numerous supernatural formations. In addition to the Forbidden Great Formation and the Yin and Yang Wuji Killing Formation, now he has found several other very terrible formations, whose power is appalling. However, with his present cultivation, in any case, he could not engrave those terrible formations. It was already very reluctant to engrave the great array of thousands of forbidden seals and the infinite killing array of Yin and Yang, and he could only engrave a corner. Yin and Yang Wuji Kill Array, this. It feels like it's beyond the level of the true God. Asked the five-element crocodile. It should be. Lin Tian nodded. He is now unable to determine the specific grade of such a killing array, and can only reluctantly make an estimate. The crocodile of the five elements looked at the killing lines carved by Lin Tian and sighed: "a killing array that surpasses the rank of the true God." "Hum!" Lin Tian drew his hands, iron nail machine ,Nail production machine, and more Yin and Yang Wuji killing patterns interwoven out, with him as the center, quickly spread around, branded to every corner of the yard. After that, another hour passed in the blink of an eye. An hour later, at this time, he managed to engrave a corner of the Yin and Yang Wuji killing array, and then stopped. That's about it. He talks to himself. A corner of the big array of thousands of seals and a corner of the Yin and Yang Wuji killing array around the courtyard, even if it is the peak of the strong to make trouble, he can also completely suppress the two corners of the big array. Shaking his right hand slightly, he took out two elixirs again, took them and refined them, and restored the divine power and soul power consumed by the carving array. It was not until more than half an hour later that both divine power and soul power were restored to their peak state. Standing up, he activated his shins and made a crackling sound. Well, what's next? The five-element crocodile asked, and at this time, it was natural to see that Lin Tian had finished engraving all kinds of big arrays in the yard. Lin Tian thought for a moment and said, "Go to Liandao Valley." Lian Dao Valley is a treasured place for Zixiaobao Sect to practice. Any disciple of Zixiaobao Sect can enter it to practice. There are all kinds of powerful Taoist patterns in it, which can communicate with endless immortals. The Taoist rhyme of immortals can be enhanced hundreds of times by those supernatural Taoist patterns, which can make the half-step true immortal monks quickly understand the immortal way and condense the immortal yuan. This is what he learned from the jade slips given by the old man before the Zixiaobao Sect. Besides the Taoist Valley, there are two other places to practice in the Zixiaobao Sect, namely "Xianling Gorge" and "Wanzhan Forest". Among them, in the Fairy Gorge, a special array gathers an incomparably rich fairy spirit, which plays a very important role for the monks below the half-step true immortal. With the rich fairy spirit there, they can improve their own cultivation at an amazing speed. Wanzhan Lin, a vast ancient forest, is a place of experience opened up by Zixiaobao Sect for its disciples to live in the mountains behind the Zongmen, where there are many powerful fierce birds and beasts, the strongest of which are even half-step Xuanxian level, all of which are very fierce and crazy. The disciples of Zixiaobao Sect can enter it to practice and experience, and fight with the fierce birds and beasts inside. It is of great significance to improve one's combat experience and combat ability in the actual life-and-death battle. It can be said that the area of Wanzhan Lin is the place where the disciples of Zixiaobao Sect gather the most on weekdays. From the outer disciples to the true disciples, they often go to it. Even some of the powerful elders in the sect often enter the forest of ten thousand battles and fight fiercely with the fierce birds and beasts in order to sharpen and improve themselves. Lin Tian, the Five Elements Crocodile and Little Taichu are now in a half-step fairyland. At this stage, Lin Tian naturally feels that it is more appropriate to go to Liandao Valley to practice. Practicing there allows them to condense immortals at a very fast speed. All right, let's go. Five elements crocodile road. Lin Tian nodded, and at that moment, one man and two beasts walked outside, and soon came out of the attic and into the yard. It was also at this time that a young girl came in from outside the courtyard,Nail machine manufacturer, dressed in purple, and jumped to the side of Lin Tian. You are strong enough. As soon as you enter the clan, you waste the limbs of the yellow clothes and three disciples of the previous generation. It's OK. It's very powerful. She looked at Lin Tiandao. 3shardware.com