Shenzuo For a long time

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For a long time, all the thunder and lightning collapsed in one direction, as if there was an invisible black hole. Lin Xi can fully imagine the dilemma faced by Siji Dayuan at this moment. The power of the thunder iron plate has always been that the more powerful the thunder and lightning released by the other side, the more terrible its suction. Creatures like Siji Dayuan have a long life. Although they are psychic and spiritual, their wisdom is limited after all. They are not human beings and do not know how to absorb thunder and lightning. Boom! A thick purple electricity from the sea tank suddenly shot away from the dark clouds and rushed eastward in a hurry. Four great Wan in the great shock, finally chose to run away. It's late! We can't escape! Lin Xi secretly said in his heart. The power of the thunder iron plate will not be reduced because you run away. This kind of thing is the nemesis of almost all thunder creatures. At this time, he did not care much. As soon as the Dantian vibrated, he put the energy of thunder and lightning in the body into the Dantian's "Great Thunder Charm". Yin! ——” There was only a shrill scream in the distance, and then all the sounds were gone, and no more sounds were heard. It worked. Lin Xi smiled in his heart, opened his eyes, and looked at the place where the last long chant came from, which startled him. What's wrong? Where is my Siji Dayuan? Lin Xi looked at the distance, stunned. (To be continued). Small! Say !txt! God . Don Chapter 551 the change of the mysterious iron plate. In the distance, a dark shadow in the shape of an iron plate was suspended in the void. Around, the kind of purple thunder and lightning on the body of Siji Dayuan, as light as gauze, flashed, and all sank into the iron plate of the thunder system. However, Lin Xi's most eager "Lei Department of Dayuan" has disappeared. What's wrong? Could it be that the first four giants have run away?! Lin Xi was stunned and broke out in a cold sweat behind his back. Just blink of an eye time, walk for a while God, is lost a rare "Siji Dayuan"? However, he had just clearly heard the last miserable hiss of Siji Dayuan, which did not look like walking away. Elder Martial Brother Ouyang, do you see the Dayuan? As soon as Lin Xi's lips moved, he performed a skill of "transmitting sound into the secret" to Ouyang Na Hai Road on the ground. I don't know. I just saw the four-pole Dayuan run there and disappear. Ouyang Nahai's voice came from the ground. The speed of Siji Dayuan is so fast that it can't be captured by the naked eye. It was covered by a sea of purple clouds, and time was tight. Where did he notice so much? Disappeared? Lin Xi was stunned, according to his estimate, the thunder iron plate will absorb all the thunder and lightning energy, the four poles of Dayuan lost thunder and lightning energy, will become extremely weak,heavy duty metal racking, but now. Sad "" Lin Xi's heart moved, and a flash of inspiration flashed through his mind. As soon as he lifted his robe, he broke through the air and swept away the iron plate of the thunder system suspended in the distance. See Lin Xi's body, pull out a straight line in the sky, a breath, appeared beside the iron plate. See this iron plate, Lin Xi was stunned, then deeply attracted tone. When you look at it from a distance, you don't understand. But when you get closer, you will find that this thunder iron plate has undergone tremendous changes. This mysterious thunder iron plate, almost every time it absorbs a large amount of thunder and lightning, it produces a change in shape. The first time, it was an ugly piece of stubborn iron; the second time, it became much more beautiful in appearance, and formed an iron plate shape, warehouse storage racks ,shuttle rack system, and four ancient divine texts appeared on the surface; however, now, after absorbing the energy of the four poles of Dayuan, the iron plate has changed again. Inside, it was as dark as the starry sky, and the metallic touch of the original black iron became transparent. Just like a starry sky, this is also the reason why Lin Xi saw a dark shadow in the distance. At this moment, the inside of the iron plate, unexpectedly formed a piece of fog, such as gauze, such as a dream, gorgeous and incomparable purple whirlpool thundercloud, a trace, a strand, such as catkins, clouds and mists. On the surface of the iron plate, the four divine texts turned into golden burning flames, as if to burst out from inside. That kind of breath becomes extremely dignified and strong, with a kind of shocking, solemn and sacred power. The core of the iron plate, on the other hand, rises upward, forming a very small, volcanic-like black hole. Bite! What's going on here? Lin Xi drew a breath and felt a tremor in his heart. It is really in front of this thunder department iron plate, and then before the mottled appearance, linked together. Anyone who sees this iron plate will feel a gorgeous and magnificent taste, and will feel its extraordinary. If the iron plate Lin Xi bought from the "Xiandao Business Alliance" used to be an ugly piece of metal, now it finally shows a little extraordinary "truth". However, Lin Xi is still not clear, this thunder is iron plate in the end what is the origin, what is the role. It doesn't look like a magic instrument, nor is it a method, nor is it a refining material. Anyway, all the circumstances are not applicable to it. This thing, do not know what is the origin, and why it will appear in the Xiandao business alliance, have time to find the cabinet to inquire about the hidden, to find out all the context. Lin Xi secretly said in his heart. Although the outside world no longer has thunder to suck, but the thunder iron plate is still suspended, and did not fall. As soon as Lin Xi's palm was copied, he immediately copied the thunder iron plate in his hand. The hand grasps the moment, a kind of strange feeling surges to the heart, Lin Xi's wisp of consciousness suddenly separates, sinks into the iron plate, merges with the iron plate. However, Lin Xi "saw" the depths of the iron plate, an unusually handsome dragon and horse, long hissing and roaring, surrounded by darkness. Chuan 1 "Siji Dayuan!" Lin Xi eyes "see" to this scene, the whole body has a surge of electricity,metal racking systems, there is a moment in the mind, a blank: "Four great force is not the body of flesh and blood? Why is it here? This scene of change, completely beyond Lin Xi's understanding.