Jiuzhou Zhi Kui Hua Bis Loneliness-Jiangnan

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Yan Qiye had already taken advantage of the chaos to leave, both physically and mentally feeling extremely tired, just that scene seems simple, but the illusion and calculation involved, but complex to the extreme. Half an hour later, Shen Junxi gawked at the corpse covered in white cloth and felt unprecedented distress. In broad daylight, the imperial censor was killed by an iron stick? And the "murderer" who caused all this is just a frightened mad cow? He knew that if the report was handed in, even if Lord Fan trusted him, he would not be blamed too much, but his future was bad. The neighborhood he managed, however, let the court official who was so devoted to the moon die strangely. As the deputy chief of the first guard, he had to take some responsibility. My Lord, Su Weichang of Qiwei has come to pay his respects. QinBing whispered to the door, this time who also don't want to provoke the complexion is not good Shen Junxi, QinBing also become cautious. What are you waiting for? Please! "Yes!" Coming in with Su Jin'an were two chenyue priests dressed in black robes. One of them, Shen Junxi, who was a little younger, had met him once. He was Zhao Rui, a disciple of Lei Kuhuo,pallet rack shelving, one of the three imams. It was said that Yu Fei had already made great progress in his art and was one of the trusted followers that Lei Kuhuo valued. And the other half closed his eyes, seems to be very disdainful to deal with Shen Junxi, when Shen Junxi saw the other side of the robe corner that inconspicuous small Milo coat of arms, can not help but look a freeze. Xuzang! It turned out to be one of the Ruins that could be counted on one hand in Chen Yue! All the people who have reached such a state in Chenyuejiao are people who specialize in a certain art. Even if they do not hold specific positions in the church, their unique understanding and fanaticism of the secret arts make them almost close to the strength of the three imams! For the convenience of the next visit, please remember the txt novel paradise online library URL www.xiaoshuotxt.com, www. XiaOShuOtxT. Com. Chapter III,medium duty racking, Section 4 (4) T, xt, small, say, day, hall "there is no memory of murder in Guan Yan's mind.". However, I don't know if there is any sorcery in the world that can cause such an effect, but I can be sure that the secret can. Xie Yunbai seemed to have finished reading Zhao Guanyan's memory, straightened up and said coldly. Sure enough! Su Chin-an looked at Hsieh Yun-po and asked respectfully, "It should be the Miro illusion, right?"? Apart from the profound Miro illusion, I really can't think of any other secret art that can make people die unconsciously in an imperceptible accident! Xie Yunbai nodded, then shook his head and sighed, "It's Miro's illusion, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, but it's not profound.". It seems that the level of the other side's illusion is at most equivalent to the "stick" in the moon. But, in addition to illusions, the man should be a genius proficient in arithmetic! "Arithmetic?" Su Jin'an and Shen Junxi asked almost at the same time, then shut up and listen to Xie Yunbai. Yes, according to the records on the file, all accidents are linked together, and without any link, the accident is not established-if it is carefully arranged and deduced on weekdays, but in the actual assassination, the unknown variables are so large that all kinds of accidents can be continued, which must rely on the talent to calculate everything in a very short time. Such a talent, I am afraid only astrologers have! For example, if Lord Zhao of Zhao Guanyan had got into the carriage a little later, his guards would not have had to jump up and carry him down; the debris track produced by the mad cow when it hit the carriage would not necessarily have frightened the peddler next to it and pulled the rope.. How do you deal with these variables to get the results you want? If I am not proficient in arithmetic, or born to calculate all this in a very short time, even if I am far above the murderer, I can not do the assassination so perfectly! "Find that man!" "Xie Yunbai continued, showing an indisputable condescension." I want to know how he did it and who was standing behind him! Leave this sentence, Xie Yunbai with Zhao Rui, unexpectedly did not even say hello, so as if no one else went out. Tiwei, who was guarding the door, watched them leave respectfully. Obviously, it is rare for them to see such two big men in Chenyue at ordinary times. Lord Shen must be wondering why Xie Yunbai was involved in this matter? Watching the two priests go away, Su Jin'an still stayed here and said to Shen Junxi lightly. Yes, although Lord Zhao is his friend on the surface, it is not enough to make him so enthusiastic. "That's right. Do you know that almost all the officials who were killed had some connection with him and often went to listen to him explain the profound meaning of the moon?" Shen Junxi's face changed dramatically. "You mean.." he said in a trembling voice. Su Chin-an made a silent gesture and said indifferently, "It's good that Lord Shen knows. It's not good to say something.". We are soldiers, and we are loyal to our duties, and we are not involved in the internal disputes of Chenyue. "No wonder, no wonder, I'm wondering how Tianluo, who is good at assassinating people, has also sent a sorcerer!" "However, to cultivate such a secret genius, the mastermind behind it is ready to come out, in the interior of Chenyue, there are only two or three people!" "But that Tianluo assassin." Shen Junxi suddenly thought of a question. Could it be that the real mastermind behind it was bold enough to cooperate with Tianluo? Su Chin-an rubbed his forehead and said, "That's exactly the problem I'm troubled by. The wound caused by Rose that day can't be faked. Unless someone inside Chenyue has developed a secret art that is close to the killing effect of Rose, the priest of Chenyue who can create his own secret art is the only one who can, but how can he destroy his own foundation?" "No matter who is behind them, if we can't find out the murderer as soon as possible, our officials will come to an end!" "I'm afraid it's not that simple!" Su Jin'an looked at the floating clouds on the horizon, as if the answer was hidden in the changing clouds. Since it involves the internal disputes of Chenyue, there are always several scapegoats to be found. It may be better for you to have Lord Fan to take care of you,heavy duty cantilever racks, but a soldier like me, who has no foundation, is afraid that he will become an abandoned pawn under the influence of these big men. 。 kingmoreracking.com