Shangguan Ding Fan Jian Piaoxiang

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As the narrow valley passed, the old man and his men could not help but change color after witnessing the situation in the valley. The chief iron guard stepped up and said to the old man, "The place here is quiet and quiet. My subordinates and four messengers dare to ask your master for permission to stay for some time and watch everywhere." The old man knew in his heart, but he looked slightly displeased and said, "Can't you watch it on the way back?" Gu Shui said with a smile, "It's dangerous here, but the mountains and rivers are beyond the reach of the Western Regions. No wonder you want to walk around. Fortunately, you won't get lost. I'll beg for them." When Gu Shui said this, he added to the old man's suspicion. He immediately said, "It's not that I'm too strict. I really can't afford to lose my manners. If you want to visit the mountains and see the scenery, you must give permission to your relatives at the meeting.". After a pause, he shouted to his men in a deep voice, "The whole team set out. Don't say much!" So the chief iron guard glared at the ancient water and stepped down. Turning around the mountain, we arrived at the mouth of the valley. The ancient waterway said, "This is the valley of Zimu Valley. Entering the mouth of the valley, we still have to pass through a narrow road, about twenty feet. My father is waiting in the valley." The old man nodded his head and said, "I understand. Please lead the way and inform me." The ancient water answered, and a group of people went through the dangerous road. But this time the old man turned to the chief guard and said, "The messenger is with you, and you are waiting at the mouth of the valley, so as not to lose your manners. You are not allowed to move around without permission, and you are not allowed to make a lot of noise. Those who disobey will bear heavy responsibilities. Be careful!" The chief iron guard immediately cheered, but Gu Shui said, "Your Excellency should also ask all your families to enter the valley. This valley has been built by my father for decades, and the wonderful scenery is boundless. It's a pity to lose it." The chief guard snorted coldly,calcium ammonium nitrate price, "Thank you for your kindness, Shaoxia. Shaoxia said earlier that the school rules are strict and the family rules are merciless. Fortunately, after today, you can always see the beautiful scenery in the valley when you come back in the future." Gu Shui smiled and, without saying much, led the old man and eight beautiful messengers into Zi Gu. Into the mouth of the valley, the ancient water is silly! Ancient ice cold dressed in a blue shirt, has welcomed visitors in the mouth of the valley, beside also more than two people,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and ancient ice cold shoulder to shoulder, unexpectedly is the elder of the poor family gang, Gongsun Tianjian. Another person, dressed in plain clothes has been dirty, disheveled hair, a face of beard, seven long eight short, eyes looking straight, such as silly, Gu Shui still know, is the elder brother Song Lei. Seeing Song Lei suddenly, Gu Shui forgot everything. He shouted "Big Brother" and ran in front of him. But Gu Binghan shouted angrily, "Gu Shui, stop!" Gu Shui suddenly stood on the spot and looked at Gu Binghan. Gu Binghan snorted and said, "When I'm a distinguished guest, I've lost my temper like this. Uncle Gongsun Meng is here, but he doesn't go forward to bow down. Have my daily lessons and your growing age been wasted?" Gu Shui hurried forward to see Gongsun Tianjian. Gongsun Tianjian helped him up with a smile and said, "Good boy, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, we haven't seen each other for a long time. I tell you that you, Elder Martial Brother Song, are a crazy man now. You can't recognize any relatives or friends. It doesn't matter if you see him. Don't be sad or blame him for not recognizing you." Gu Shui was frightened and turned to Gu Binghan: "Father, this … …" What's going on here? With tears in his eyes, Gu Binghan said in a mournful voice, "Uncle Gongsun Meng has just brought Lei'er here. I haven't finished the details yet. Anyway, Lei'er has had an accident. Now he's crazy and has a bad reputation as a prostitute!" "It's impossible, it's impossible," the ancient water shouted. "Shut up," Gu Binghan shouted angrily. "It's all right. After the distinguished guest leaves, my father will find out everything carefully. Now you keep your mouth shut and stand aside. Don't forget Uncle Meng's orders." Gu Shui answered, "The boy wants to talk to Brother Song. If you don't believe me, he won't recognize me. Maybe the boy can find out everything. I pray to my father that the boy will have a try.". Gu Binghan sighed and nodded, and Gu Shui immediately rushed to Song Lei. The third chapter pretends to be crazy Confused, Gu Shui whispered, "Brother Song!"! Big Brother.. This is a test, but also to show their friendliness. Song Lei looked straight into his eyes, as if he had not heard or seen at all. Gu Shui felt a pain in his heart and said, "Elder Martial Brother, do you still remember Younger Martial Brother.." "Who is the Younger Martial Brother?" Said Song Lei coldly. Gu Shui was stunned and said, "I, Elder Martial Brother, you've forgotten me.." Song Lei stared at the ancient water in a daze, as if there was no impression of this person in his mind at all, and that expression did not look like the slightest fake. For a long time, he shook his head and said, "I don't know you." "Big Brother," said Gu Shui painfully, "you're lying..." "Why should I lie to you?" Said Song Lei with a straight face. Ancient Waterway: "Elder Martial Brother, we used to play and practice together every day. You forgot that once I fell into a big pit. You, Holly and Yan Chong all rushed down to save me. At that time, you were crying!" Song Lei said slowly, "Who are Holly and Yan Chong?" "It's our brothers..." said the ancient water. "Nonsense, nonsense," said Song Lei. "I don't know them at all." With tears in his eyes, Gu Shui said, "Big Brother, wake up and see who I am." "I don't know you, and I haven't seen you," said Song Lei. "Gongsun Tianjian sighed sadly and shook his head." He won't remember, my good nephew. Gu Binghan looked even more hurt and almost shed tears, but in the face of the enemy, he forced himself to endure, although his face was as calm as ever, his heart was like a knife. "What about Shibo?" Said Gu Shui. "" Shibo can't help it, "said Gongsun Tianjian with a wry smile. Gu Binghan, a famous teacher, has gone through numerous dangers and difficulties. He has never seen or heard anything as exciting as he is today. If he had not been in front of foreign enemies, he would have shed tears uncontrollably. He took a long breath and said, "Shuier, this is …" "I'm Zheng Sidi," said the old man. "I've lived in the Western Regions for generations." "There aren't many people in the Western Regions whose surname is Zheng," said Gu Binghan. "Sir, he comes from the Western Regions. Could it be that he is a member of the Golden Sword Sect.." He closed his mouth suddenly and gazed intently. Zheng Sidi's face sank and he said, "Brother Gu, I've heard a lot. I'm from the Golden Sword Sect of the Western Regions.." Gu Binghan waved his hand steeply and forbade him to go on. He said in a cold voice,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "The faction from the Western Regions is thousands of miles away from Mount Tai. Sir, you have traveled thousands of miles. It won't be all right.." Zheng Sidi laughed and said, "Brother Gu is so awesome.." 。