The days when the villain was fascinated by the male partner

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Jiang Yan pulled his pants, "Chengcheng, I can't wear these pants." Si Cheng: "Then don't wear it." Jiang Yan: "If I don't wear it, my chicken will fall out and let people see it." As he spoke, he lifted his T-shirt and played with it. Anyway, this little chicken is exposed outside, and it's not a gentleman at all. Si Cheng lifted Jiang Yan T-shirt to take a look, serious way: "So small, no one looks." Jiang Yan: "..." So small? No one's watching? Very good, Si Cheng. I'll write down the account. Actually the T-shirt just can cover the buttocks, Jiang Yan does not move the words are not seen. For the sake that Si Cheng is the other half of his future, let you see it. Si Cheng looked at the sky outside and saw that it was getting dark. Si Cheng swallowed saliva. Turn on the light quickly. Jiang Yan knew that this was the beginning of his dark phobia, and it was so painful to look at him! Why didn't he let himself wear it when Si Cheng was kidnapped at the age of five? At least he could prevent the kidnapping from happening and not let Si Cheng suffer from this mental illness. The system couldn't help complaining: "When Si Cheng was five years old, you weren't born yet!" Jiang Yan: "..." Dinner, Si Cheng will cook the corn during the day, one for each person, so make do with it. Si Cheng didn't even have a TV at home, there was no entertainment at all, and he went to bed after dinner. Two people sleep in a bed,Adhesive fish ruler, Si Cheng is really not very talkative. If Jiang Yan does not speak, he can never speak. He looked at him sideways and asked, "Chengcheng, why didn't you ask me?"? Who ran out of it? Si Cheng: "I don't want to ask." Jiang Yan: "Then why don't you tell me what happened before us? Although I have experienced those things, I just want to hear you say it." Si Cheng: "I don't want to say." Jiang Yan: "Chengcheng, just say it!" Si Cheng: "Sleep!" Jiang Yan is speechless, go to sleep! Sleeping in the mud? Calculated by time It's only eight o'clock in the evening now. How can you sleep so quickly. The buzzing sound of mosquitoes sounded in the ear,Fiberglass tape measure, Jiang Yan was bitten several times, pushed Si Cheng: "Cheng Cheng, mosquitoes bite me!" " Si Cheng: "I won't bite when I'm full." “……” Jiang Yan patted his thigh and said, "What if it bites my chicken?" Si Cheng: "Pretty good, become big." Fall, this day can not live. Jiang Yan good gas oh, the heart again hurriedly take out a small book to record this account. Jiang Yan beeps a mouth: "Can't you light a mosquito incense?" Si Cheng: "No." Jiang Yan patted his arm again, so bite down, he will be bitten to death. Turn your back and don't want to talk to Si Cheng, don't coax him, but also angry with him. Si Cheng looked at the back of a small milk bag, because fell asleep T-shirt also ran up, clearly exposed the back of the buttocks. On the left side of the buttocks, there is a small red love birthmark. Today, Wheel tape measure ,horse weight tape, when I carried him into the bathtub during the day, I saw the small birthmark on it. At first glance, I thought it looked good. He had never seen anyone's birthmark look so good. A mosquito flew to the birthmark biting, Jiang Yan stretched out a small fat hand slap on his buttocks, did not pat the mosquito, but made a small red mark on the buttocks. Si Cheng thought about it, got up and put on his slippers, went to the closet to search for a long time, and pulled out a small sandbag and put it inside where Jiang Yan was sleeping. Jiang Yan asked curiously, "What is this?" Si Cheng: "Wormwood." "What for?" "To repel mosquitoes." Jiang Yan did not quite believe that such a small sandbag made of wormwood could be used to repel mosquitoes? In fact, the effect is quite good, at least Jiang Yan has not been bitten by mosquitoes again. People who said they couldn't sleep so early fell asleep quickly without the annoyance of mosquitoes. In the middle of the night, Si Cheng was kicked awake by his feet, and saw Jiang Yan's feet on his body, and his body turned 90 degrees to sleep horizontally. And moved him back, only wearing a coat of Jiang Yan, the penis so exposed in the air, Si Cheng will cover part of the quilt on his stomach, by the way to cover the penis, and then continue to sleep. As a result, he did not sleep for a long time and woke up again, this time even more excessively, with a little foot on his face, kicking from time to time, the little toe was almost in his nostril, and a little fat hand was still grasping the position of Si Cheng's penis. Si Cheng pushed Jiang Yan's hand away and moved his feet aside. This time, he was not as gentle as before. He was quite disgusted and squeezed his body in. One night, Si Cheng experienced all kinds of ecstatic sleeping postures of Jiang Yan. Also sleeping badly were the mother and aunt Yang, the director of the Rainbow Orphanage, who looked at the note left by Jiang Yan. Mother Dean, Aunt Yang, I'm going to find my own mother! Jiang Yanliu. The dean's mother wiped her tears. "How did Jiang Yan run out like this? I just got the news from his parents. How did he run away?"! If the meeting two days later can confirm that Jiang Yan is really the child stolen by the couple four years ago, then he can live with his parents in the future! Aunt Yang: Yes! How do you think we can explain it to people now? I don't know when Jiang Yan ran out. The two of them sighed for a long time, and then Aunt Yang first remembered, "Dean, no.". When did Jiang Yan learn to write? Dean's mother is stupefied, before really caring is chaotic, "Yes!"! The handwriting is quite good. How can it be written by a four-year-old child? Auntie Yang: Were you abducted by a human trafficker? I heard there was a human trafficker in town recently. The mother of the dean was worried: "Oh, if we are abducted by human traffickers, we have to call the police. We will call the police now." Auntie Yang stopped her and said, "It's no use. We went to report it during the day. People haven't been missing for more than 24 hours. The police don't file a case." The most important thing is that Jiang Yan is a child in the orphanage, the police will not care, in the eyes of those people,Surveyors tape measure, feel that the children in the orphanage should have been thrown away, where it is the same. The next day Jiang Yan kicked his feet and stretched on the bed, sleeping really well.