Mohist Xiaoyin

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The milk baby looked at the top of the mirror cabinet, measured whether he could climb up to catch the cat, and then went to the kitchen in frustration to watch his seven sister-in-law cook. Yin Luoluo also found the dwarf standing beside him, pinched his face, fed him a cherry, looked at his mouth bulging, very funny. Sister-in-law Qi, what are you doing? The milk doll spits out the core and throws it in the trash can on one side. Yin Luoluo squeezed the apples, pears and carrots he had just bought into juice and poured him a small cup, "I'm making delicious food for you." Holding the cup firmly in his hand, he took a sip, and the baby smiled all over his face: "It's so sweet, and there's no strange taste." Yin Luoluo smiled, picked up the tray with the juice and the cup, went to the living room, poured a cup for Mo Yi, poured a cup for himself, sat beside him, and drank slowly. The milk baby came over and squeezed between them. "Sister, Cheng Cheng has finished drinking. Cheng Cheng still wants to drink." Mo Yi glanced at him, milk doll immediately put the cup on the tea table, reached out to hold Yin Luoluo, head buried in her arms, Mo Yi saw the corner of the eye straight jump, this little lady-killer, actually put his face on her chest. Reach out to grab the milk doll, throw to his other side, milk doll want to protest, but was frightened by his eyes, can only sit in a ball, eyes slowly red. Yin Luoluo got up and walked into the kitchen. She didn't want to participate in the brotherly war, and the struggle between men had nothing to do with her. The sitting room leaves only one big one small two men to look at each other: "Seven elder brothers,tape measure clip, seven sister-in-law person is good." "Well, so?" "I want my seventh sister-in-law to marry me when I grow up." The milk doll clenched her little fist in the air in order to vote. Oh The man was indifferent, his eyes did not deviate from the screen, and his men did not stop. Milk baby see man ignore oneself, flat flat small mouth, secretly moved small PP, see man did not find, busy stand up, staggered ran into the kitchen to find his current sweetheart. Yin Luoluo was dealing with the squid, and when he saw the baby running in unsteadily, he beckoned him to come over and put the cleaned squid on his head like a hat, and then said it was cute. The baby also laughed happily, and the seven sisters-in-law praised him for his loveliness, which was much more important than having a soft crawling thing on his head. She told the milk doll not to let the squid fall, and turned to deal with the tube bone. Mo Yi, who had finished his official business, Diameter tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, also went to the kitchen door and looked at the little baby with a squid on his head. He was afraid of falling down and laughed unscrupulously. The baby decided not to haggle with his cousin. After all, he had just been praised. His cousin must be jealous of himself and ignored him, although he did not dare to haggle with his cousin. The dishes came out one by one, and the tube bone soup was cooked on the stove with a small fire. Yin Luoluo finished the pickles, took off the squid on the baby's head, cleaned it once, cut it into small pieces, and stir-fried it with the pickles, while letting Mo Yi take the baby to wash his hair and take a bath. In the bathroom of the master bedroom, Mo Yi threw the milk doll into the four-person massage bathtub filled with water, watching him stand unsteadily and flutter in it, laughing happily, and finally Yin Luoluo came in and said that dinner was ready, let him hurry up, then started to clean up the milk doll, and wrapped it in a big bath towel to dry it. Three people eat quietly, only milk baby wrapped in a bath towel, after eating a few mouthfuls, slipped to the ground, was fed by Mo Yi, Yin Luoluo also took out a Polaroid to take several photos. After dinner, three people nest in the old position, Yin Luoluo put the washed cherries on the tea table, and Mo Yi two games together, the milk doll was dressed by his cousin as early as after dinner, head on Yin Luoluo's body, watching the world of flowers on the screen together. Twenty-three, the beginning of a clean history [World] June Snow: Grandchildren of Longteng, you can only bully us trumpets. It's useless to kill me at level 89 and 62. A bunch of bitches. [World] Luoying Mengmeng: Upstairs, keep your mouth clean. Don't bring gangs when cursing. [World] June Snow: CAO, what I scold is your Longteng. Tuba is great. A group of grandchildren without taste. [World] Chuang Wang × Ao Tian: Snow in June, you say, which one did we help to kill you? You rob the goblin, shouldn't you kill it? [World] June Snow: Chuang Wang, at least you are a famous figure on the list, robbing goblins? The goblin was beaten by Lao Tzu first, and half of the blood was beaten. Your people came over and killed me and robbed my goblin. [World] The night is sultry: You are not as good as others. Why are you barking on it. [World] Just crazy for you: June, forget it, Longteng is a group of grandchildren, and they can only bully us trumpets. You don't see what kind of birds they are killed by Mo Lian and blood-sucking in every gang battle or task. [World] Gray and gloomy: Yes, a group of gutless grandchildren, June, nothing to care about, who called us a trumpet, and no money to throw games. [World] Kurulu Baby: You are a group of talented grandchildren. I will kill you every day when I have nothing to do. [World] Red Dust Smile: Mo Lian welcomes all old and new friends with ideals, aspirations, momentum and sense of justice to join us. [Gang] Dancing with a coffin: Long Teng has become more and more unpopular since Chuang Wang got married. [Gang] Blooming Chrysanthemums: They are unpopular to begin with. [Gang] Crystal Transparent: I heard that Chuang Wang and Piaoxue met in reality. [Gang] The world of mortals smiles: "Not strange, that female seduce less than seven little, always want to look for a person to discharge next desire.". [Gang] Spring in the Black Hole: Red Dust, aren't you still reading? Why do you speak so explicitly? [Gang] Blooming Chrysanthemum: Hey, he wants to chase the ice for thousands of miles,cattle weight tape, but people say that he is too young and too feminine. [Gang] Assassin: Qianli is a woman? [Gang] Crystal Transparent: Yes, and the singing is very nice. I sang it in YY last time. [Gang] Spring in the Black Hole: Now in this society, all the girls use male numbers. What about our big men. { Gang announcement: June Snow has joined the gang. } { Gang Announcement: Just for you crazy has joined the gang. } { Gang Announcement: Grey has joined the gang. }。