The seat of the sixth God

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Yang Ye breathed lightly, but Naland is a strong soul emperor, the whole empire is very few, Yang Ye this line is really not enough to see, although he has a double soul world in his body, the future is limitless, but now, can still be far from it, so Yang Ye quickly said the latest chapter of Tianlu Shenyuan. Grandpa Nalan, do you think I'm the kind of person who mixes up? Even if I'm looking for a woman, I won't bring people here. Isn't this a death wish? But Nalande raised his hand and clapped it on Yang Ye's head. He hummed, "Even if you don't mix, you're not allowed to fool around outside. Let me know and break your legs. Since it's a misunderstanding, I won't pursue it. But you said you forged a set of soul armor. Don't think the old man is confused. Even if you want to please the ice moon, you don't have to lie like this. Be honest." If you tell a lot of lies, how can you live in the future? Yang Ye was suffocating. After waiting for Naland to teach him a lesson, he dared to speak and said, "Grandpa Nalan, do you think I dare to lie in front of you? You have a golden eye. What lies have been exposed directly in front of you. Bingyue, even if you are angry with me, you have to speak according to your conscience. Did I lie about this?" Nalan Bingyue was silent, but Yang Ye was worried and said, "Well, since you are heartless, don't blame me for being unjust. Then I can take back the ice angel. I'll go back to the furnace and make it into my clothes. It won't take much time!" "Believe it or not, I will ignore you all my life!" "Nalan ice moon immediately had a reaction, almond eyes wide open staring at Yang Ye." Oh, so this soul armor is real! As soon as his granddaughter spoke, Narendra knew it was true. How old was Yang Yecai? He could forge the soul armor. Even he was shocked by the accident: "Where is the soul armor? Let me see!" "In the Ice Moon Room!" Yang Ye said, led to Nalan Bingyue's boudoir, came to the closet, turned his head, said: "In here!" With these words,4 person jacuzzi, he reached out and pulled the closet open, revealing the ice angel suit hanging inside, but at the moment the ice angel suit was curled up in a ball. Is this the soul armor? Narendra just glanced at it, and the surprise in his eyes was overflowing. Yang Ye nodded, said: "Well, this is the ice angel armed, so look may not be intuitive enough!"! Let the ice moon wear it! Yang Ye said with a wave of his finger, with the conductor of the orchestra, that curled up into a group of ice angel armed, suddenly like alive, flew out of the closet, toward the Nalan ice moon. Full set of ice angel armed,outdoor spa manufacturers, want to wear on the body, inevitably will tear the dress of Nalan Ice Moon, and then from the chest armor, skirt armor, boots, arms, helmet, mask, back wing, one after another like the armor of the Saint wearing on the body of Nalan Ice Moon, this is cold and gorgeous Nalan ice moon wearing ice angel armed, just like the ice queen, but at this moment. Nalan Bingyue blushed and glared at Yang Ye with a pair of almond eyes. Yang Ye, you dare to touch my ice angel armed, I..! Nalan Bingyue gnashed his teeth and looked at Yang Ye, but did not know how to take Yang Ye, this guy's face is thicker than the city wall, these days she has a deep understanding, the last thing, Nalan Bingyue or learned from Yang Ruoyu's mouth, so separated by a layer, but now, but in front of his grandfather's face, whirlpool hot tub ,american hot tub, the torn dress is scattered at his feet, he is absolutely intentional. But Naland did not pay attention to his granddaughter's coquettish anger, but looked at the ice angel armed, shocked way: "Yang Ye, this is really made by you!" "If not for me, Grandpa Nalan thinks who else, the whole set of ice angel armed, six major parts, using 6999 feather leaves, feathered bones, wind, frost system soul amulet array, including defensive amulet array: thousand feather guardian (back wing), ice crystal reflector (main armor, battle skirt), wind guard (main armor, battle skirt), ice wind shield (wristband)." Attack Charm Array: Thousand Feather Ice Block (Back Wing), Ice Falcon Flying (Main Armor), Ice Flying Feather (Battle Skirt), Wind Blade Kill (Main Armor, Battle Skirt), Ice Wind and Rain (Wristband), Auxiliary Charm Array: Solid Ice Array, Gathering Soul Array, Frost Halo (Main Armour, Battle Skirts), Wind Wing (Back Wing, Battle Boots), Ultimate Soul Array: Ice Angel Coming. "This is I spent a month to design the style, and find more than a dozen soul craftsman apprentice to help draw out, and finally spent a month and a half of time, to create it, almost even the trials are delayed, but the hard work is not in vain, this set of ice angel armed, even if the soul king class strong dress will not be low-end, of course, can also be strengthened in the future." After all, this time the preparation is in a hurry, did not change too good soul gold material, this can only rely on luck, originally I was going to build a set of soul armor for myself, but did not collect materials, and the materials on hand are suitable for the ice moon! "How do you inlay so many soul amulet arrays on this set of soul armor? Although there should be a soul amulet array on the soul armor, it is not the more the better, more does not mean practical, so many soul amulets array, just to urge the soul power needed is a lot of crazy dragon retreat!"! And when fighting, the soul power is a huge consumption, if this soul armor devours too much soul power, it will have an impact on combat effectiveness. Naland is an old man, and can become a strong soul emperor, all kinds of knowledge will not be less, not to mention he is the dean of Aoki College, although it is not feasible to build a set of soul armor, but it is more than enough to appreciate a set of soul armor. Yang Ye, however, disagreed: "The ice angel armed forces do not consume much more soul power than the general soul armor. Moreover, the ice angel armed forces have a large array of gathering souls, which can automatically absorb the spirit between heaven and earth. Even on it, there are several slots that can be inlaid. If necessary, the spirit of the earth beast and even the soul core of the celestial beast can be installed, which greatly reduces the consumption of soul power." The only thing that is difficult to operate is the dorsal wing, which can be easily done in ordinary flight, but it takes a lot of mental energy to operate defense or even attack! "If you just want to play a part of the power, the rank of the soul can also do it, but it is best to have the level of the soul, with the soul world, the soul power is naturally enough, but if you really want to play the ice angel armed,outdoor endless pool, you need the level of the king. At that time, you can make the ice angel armed like an arm to drive, attack and defend freely." 。