The Supreme Rookie of Online Games

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The footprints on the ground were very messy, and it was obvious that the Taoist priests were also looking for something. They followed the two lines of footprints on the ground and shuttled through the room. Instead, after passing through two rooms, the footprints suddenly disappeared in the corner of a room, where there was only a broken vase. The night without a blade immediately went over and touched the wall for a while, but there was nothing here. He could not help wondering: "The footprints are not here, how can there be nothing?" "Wait," Xu Yang suddenly reflected over: "Is this the footprints of Zhu Nengzi and Sha Jingzi? They were afraid that they had found something in the vase, and then the two men went directly back to the third floor by shrinking into inches." Night without a blade immediately stopped the movement in his hand, turned behind him, he suddenly showed a face of relief: "Well done, you successfully passed my test ~" Xu Yang raised his eyebrows and asked, "Your test." "Er," said Ye Wuren, "I have already analyzed it. These are the footprints of two people. Sun Kongzi and Zhu Nengzi will definitely not act together. Sun Kongzi came alone. After he got the sword, Zhu Nengzi also acted alone. So what we are looking for is actually a single string of footprints." The voice fell, the night without a blade lowered his head and went to one side. Xu Yang looked speechless and said, "Hindsight, I already know." The night without a blade in the distance is immediately a stagger. Although already understood what to look for, but because there was a fight, the footprints in the room are not easy to distinguish, a full search for more than 20 minutes, two people finally followed a string of footprints to a collapsed wooden bed, two people saw that the footprints suddenly disappeared here, and in different directions,stainless steel edging strip, another footprint also disappeared after arriving here. "The secret passage must be here," said Ye Wuren firmly at once. Xu Yang immediately exclaimed, "Don't you want us to move this bed? Is that possible?" "No need to move the bed," said the night without a blade. "If you move the bed, there should be traces of retrogression here. Since he doesn't have it here, it means that the secret passage is not under the bed." The voice of the night without a blade just fell, the jade pendant in Xu Yang's hand once again sent out a faint green light, Xu Yang immediately said: "Hurry to turn over, that thing came over." The two footprints disappeared here,metal trim manufacturers, and there was no trace of stepping on the bed board. The night without a blade knew that there must be some mechanism here. Standing on the last footprint, the night without a blade short body reached under the collapsed bed. Although the bed had completely collapsed, there was still a small gap under the bed. The night with a blade hand reached in, and an iron ring immediately appeared in his hand. He immediately laughed and said, "Yes." Looking at the jade pendant getting brighter and brighter, Xu Yang immediately asked, "Have you found the mechanism?" "Must," the night does not have the blade to grasp the iron ring then to pull outward: "walks you" "Clatter" With the hard pull of the night blade, the floor beside the bed suddenly turned up. Chapter 400 zombies. Jade pendant has become more and more bright, see the floor after lifting, two people directly into the secret passage, and after two people get in, the floor directly "bang" on the secret passage, Xu Yang in the hands of the jade pendant also stopped shining. Ye Wuren looked back and said, "We should be safe this time." "It should be safe," Xu Yang said. "Isn't it difficult to reset after every six layers? It's the thirteenth layer. It shouldn't be too difficult." Xu Yang's voice just fell, two people suddenly feel a cold body, this is not the psychological effect of the cold, tile profile factory ,aluminium tile trim profiles, as they walked down the steps, two people really feel the temperature slowly decreased, carefully walked down the steps, the night without a blade hand then pushed to the front of the board, with a sound of friction, a large wooden cabinet has been pushed aside by him, after the passage was opened, Night without a blade carefully poked his head out, but at the same time as he poked his head, a figure with a blue face and fangs jumped directly at him. "Ow!" As soon as his voice went down, Ye Wuren fell backwards on his back. He was so frightened that Xu Yang quickly held Ye Wuren. He grabbed Ye Wuren and shouted, "Damn it, don't scare me." Although Xu Yang shook violently, there was still no response from the night without a blade. It seemed that he had dropped the line again. Xu Yang knew that there must be something terrible outside, but before he could react, a figure had suddenly jumped into the secret passage. Looking at the way it stretched its arms and jumped, Xu Yang immediately knew that it was a zombie. "I'll go." Zombie that shriveled face suffused with faint blue light, countless sharp teeth out of the lips, suddenly saw this appearance, even Xu Yang was frightened, see the zombies they jumped, Xu Yang pulled the night without a blade and ran toward the steps. Knock, knock, knock Listening to the sound behind him, Xu Yang's heart was anxious. The night without a blade was forced to kick out of the game again. This calm was another minute. In such a narrow space, he could not guarantee that he could hold on. Under a rush, he pulled the night without a blade and ran back to the end of the secret passage. After hiding there, Xu Yang only felt that the sound was like knocking on his heart. Knock, knock, knock The continuous noise made Xu Yang almost mad, he only felt that every second was torture for him, although he had been silently saying "Bodhisattva bless", but the voice did not stop, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, Xu Yang felt for the first time that a minute was so long, but after half a minute, he suddenly felt strange. The secret passage was not very long, and it was supposed to take about ten seconds to walk to the end, but after thirty seconds, the sound seemed to be standing still. Xu Yang walked down again curiously, and after seeing the situation in front of him, he was almost so angry that he was ejected from the game. Although the zombie is trying to catch up with two people, but it can only jump forward with its legs, the secret passage is not high, Xu Yang needs to bend down when he walks inside, the zombie just jumped up, its head immediately hit the top of the secret passage, under the rebound, it fell back directly to the original place, thirty seconds have passed, but it did not even jump up a step. Only then could Xu Yang hear such a strange sound: "Knock, knock,china tile trim, knock." "Nima," Xu Yang took out the wooden sword directly and said, "I'll fight with you today.".