Im Tsunayoshi Sawada

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Will the bottom of my heart irritability and those unknown interest pressure, a Gang turned his head no longer look at XANXUS but looked at Riboen: "Can you stop the game?"? At the worst, we give up. Imagination in the mind is one thing, reality is another, even if we know that the blue wave is electric shock skin, a Gang does not think it is a very interesting thing, let alone know the result of the game, there is no need to take risks. Riboen came to his senses and before he could speak, a white dragon roared down. Rambo, look out! "Run, stupid cow!" The voice did not fall, just still alive and kicking blue wave has turned into a white light, Kaka's voice accompanied by the voice of a young child crying, a burning smell slowly opened on the field. Rambo! The two Cheruberos looked at each other, their eyes full of surprise at the same time, and there was nothing left on the field except the heavy rain and the occasional cough in the corner. I don't know how long it was before one of the Cheruberos took a deep breath and said, "Just to be careful, make sure you're still alive!" Levi interrupted him decisively with a cold snort: "There's no need for that." It's all burnt! Cherubello paused for a moment and did not speak. Yes, even if an adult was struck by such a strong lightning, he would lose half his life,tile trim factory, let alone. A kid like that. The prison temple clenched his fist tightly, his eyebrows and hair exploded, and he didn't even notice the bite at the corners of his mouth. If Yamamoto hadn't pulled his arm, he would have wanted to go there desperately at the moment. Miracle A Gang paused for a moment and looked at Li Boen with a hopeful face: "Miracles will happen!" Riboen snorted and did not speak, only to hear a high cry breaking through the sky, and a miracle happened. That stupid cow is the skin of lightning strike, so it is the most suitable candidate for the guard of thunder! What does the sword point to? "Just.." That guy is still the most suitable guardian! The prison temple trembled and pointed to the blue wave standing in the middle of the zenith,stainless steel tile edging, crying loudly with his fingers in his mouth. His face was full of characters such as "I was hit, I was hit," and he wanted to shrink back to the corner to plant mushrooms. So.. Shan Ben paused for a moment and suddenly laughed: "I'm not afraid of comparing goods with goods, but I'm afraid of comparing people with people. Sometimes it's better to accept fate." "What are you talking about, you baseball idiot?" Prison Temple's face suddenly turned red, he glared at Yamamoto, his fist clucked, "Let's have a good exchange.." "Hey, what do you think they're doing?" A shrill voice suddenly interrupted their noise in the prison temple. What are you doing The blond boy slowly raised his head, the smile on his lips was cold and trembling. He turned his fingertips needlessly, and the silver-white knife looked more ferocious and shining after being washed by the rain. "It's probably a celebration for that kid, celebrating that he was torn into pieces by Levi. It's not beautiful enough.." The voice of the teenager faded away, leaving only the sound of rain hitting the floor. When they came to their senses, they saw Levy kicking Rambo heavily. The smile on his face, aluminum tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, coupled with the blood on his body, seemed to have just climbed up from hell. "Boy!" The dagger clucked at his fingertips, and the sound of the rain was unexpectedly beautiful. "I want to disassemble you into eight pieces!" Blue wave with big eyes, a face of innocent looking at Levy, as if he was scared silly, even the instinct to cry has forgotten. Damn it, Rambo, run! Gang bit his lower lip tightly, his right hand flashed a string of pale yellow sparks, his palm clenched a pure black dagger, and no one knew when such a thing would have appeared if it hadn't been for the shiver of the cold air. There was a flicker of hesitation in his eyes, and a Gang's lower lip bit tighter. He would never forget what the man had said when he got the dagger. It's always neighing. 'Sawada Tsunayoshi 'smiled, as if looking at his beloved lover, "so as long as he is out of the sheath, he will be fed, whether it is someone else's or your blood!" The red liquid flowed down Sawada Tsunayoshi's wrist to the treasure in his heart, and the dagger sucked like a psychic, and the enchanting red light suppressed all the brilliance of the room. "Bang!" A loud noise interrupted a Gang's thoughts. He looked up and found that the square was full of smoke and confusion. The chief of the prison temple breathed a sigh of relief. Although his face was still somewhat disdainful, he was worried but slowly slipped from the corner of his eyes. "Even after 10 years, a stupid cow is still a stupid cow!" "Ah!" The grown-up version of Rambo sat half cross-legged on the ground, slightly stupefied and nodded to Ah Gang, biting off half of the dumplings, "It was ten years ago, but unfortunately I was eating dumplings at home.". Hi! He stood up carelessly and said hello to a Gang lazily. "What's the situation now?" A Gang breathed softly, the dagger in his hand as if it had never appeared, and no one noticed anything wrong except for a thoughtful glance at him. Yes Before a Gang could speak, Squaro strongly interrupted him. "Hey, what's going on? How can there be outsiders?" Cherubero hesitated for less than a second before he made a judgment: "No, he is guarded by ten years later, summoned by ten years later, so he agrees that he is a candidate and can continue to compete!" "Interesting, the first time I've seen it!" The smile of the blond boy wearing a crown became more and more obvious, and the silver-white knife was almost in the rain, and nothing could be seen except the occasional flash of white light. Rambo.. A Gang hesitated for a second, then began to say at a very fast speed: "You should have learned about the situation from your father. There is nothing to say. Just beat him down as fast as you can." "This man?" Rambo slowly raised a bad smile, glanced at a Gang slowly, and opened his mouth carelessly: "Since young Peng Gelie has given me so much trust, how can I not do it well?" "This guy!" With a low tut, a Gang shouted at Rambo, who was ready to'charge 'and rushed to Levi: "Since he is the guardian of thunder, the way of attack must be related to thunder and lightning. Be careful!" "Electricity?" Rambo snorted disdainfully, the movement at his feet was faster, the white figure and the white raindrops merged into one, and the rain and fog rushed towards Levy,stainless steel tile trim, "If you want to play with electricity, who can play with me, electric shock angle!" 。