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Lin Xun is worried about how to perfect and control the artistic conception power of water that he understands. At present, this Taiyi Baoteng undoubtedly gives Lin Xun great confidence. After picking Taiyi Baoteng, Lin Xun continued to move forward. A few days later, he found a peaceful and quiet mountain range, dug a cave house, set up a spiritual array to isolate the breath, and began to retreat. A long time ago, Lin Xun was ready to retreat and go all out to attack the level of the cave. Unfortunately, he has been disturbed by all kinds of things, so he has been delayed until now. Now, after seeing the horror of the demon saint's secret realm and realizing the danger of his own situation, Lin Xun finally made up his mind to start breaking the realm. In the mountainside, the cave house dug by Lin Xun is isolated from the outside world. He sat cross-legged on the ground, not in a hurry to practice, but took out the wordless pagoda. Clam, are you all right? When Lin Xun reached the first floor of the pagoda, he saw Jin Duyi sitting cross-legged, with dishevelled hair and blood stains all over his body. When fighting for the golden scriptures with Saint Lin Lang, Jin Duyi was seriously injured by Du Tianxue Lei Zhu, which made Lin Xun a little worried. Although this three-legged golden toad guy was a little more insidious, a little more despicable, a little arrogant, and a little too much bragging, he did Lin Xun a big favor this time, and he felt a little sorry to see that he was so seriously injured. Ben Wang. Ben Wang is all right. As soon as Jin Duyi opened his eyes, his face turned pale, and his eyes, which had been golden,shuttle rack system, became dim, and he looked very pitifully injured. This made Lin Xun feel even more embarrassed and said, "Old clam, I'm sorry this time. When you're ready, I'll let you go." But Jin Duyi sighed with a weak voice: "If you really want to make up for this king, you might as well give this king the treasure lantern king ginseng. Perhaps, only it can repair the way that this king has suffered heavy losses.." As he spoke, he coughed violently, his pale face was flushed, and he looked like he was going to die. This Lin Xun was stunned,industrial racking systems, it is reasonable to say that the old clam helped him so much, even if it is to give the old clam to take, it is nothing. But when he heard the old clam take the initiative to ask for it, Lin Xun always felt something was wrong. Seeing that Lin Xun hesitated, Jin Duyi seemed a little worried. While coughing violently, he said weakly and hurriedly, "Alas, if Baodeng Wang Shen is not good, that unicorn grass can barely do it. This king.." Ben Wang.. As he spoke, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body tottering and growing weaker. Seeing this, Lin Xun became more and more suspicious: "Old clam, why don't I give you these two precious medicines? As long as I can save your wound, it's just two elixirs. What is it?" "Really?" As soon as Jin Duyi's eyes brightened, he hurriedly said, "No need. A Baodeng King Ginseng is enough. Well, of course, if there is one more unicorn grass, the king will certainly be able to recover to his peak state.." At this point, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, he rolled his eyes and coughed, "Of course, the king knows that this is too much to ask." It's up to you. Pow! As soon as the voice fell, a wisp of Xuanjin Daoguang fell, like a whip, and hit him hard. Jin Duyi suddenly let out a scream, jumped three feet high, bared his teeth and brandished his claws, and roared angrily: "*** your grandmother, what are you doing?"? Don't you see that Ben Wang is dying? "Oh, you're dying, and you still have the strength to jump up and scold me?" Lin Xun sneered. Ben Wang.. Jin Duyi's expression stagnated. Immediately, he collapsed to the ground with a splash. His whole body twitched and his mouth was bleeding. He murmured sadly, "It's over. The king is going to die. It must have been a return of light just now.." "Return to the light?" When Lin Xun spoke, a ray of Xuan Jin Daoguang came again, pressing in front of Jin Duyi's eyes. "Why don't I try again?" Looking at Xuan Jin Daoguang close at hand, Jin Duyi's face changed, extremely wonderful, his body did not twitch, and his mouth did not cough up blood. For a long time, he had no love in his face. He looked very lonely and murmured, "Damn, it's really hard to get something good from you, a crafty guy like a ghost.." Chapter 0564 the wind and clouds are surging. Finally, Lin Xun withdrew Xuan Jin Daoguang with a sneer. The old clam was no longer installed, and when he got up from the ground, his face was ruddy, his eyes were golden, and between his eyebrows there was a touch of unique arrogance and evil charm. There was no sign of weakness. This makes Lin Xun heart also can not help but marvel, this toad's vitality is too tenacious, was struck like that, only a few days later, and lively, like nothing happened. This king has helped you a lot this time. The booty should also have a share of this king. If you dare to eat alone, be careful to give birth to a son without fart eyes. Jin Duyi began to ask for benefits in an awe-inspiring manner. This makes Lin Xun speechless for a while, this toad also has too much personality, not only will play dead for benefits, when he can't hold it, he starts to ask for it shamelessly! Then, Lin Xun refused this unreasonable request very happily, so angry that Jin Duyi shouted loudly and cursed constantly, but Lin Xun refused to eat hard and soft, which made him helpless. Old Clam, how is the study of that incomplete golden scripture going? Suddenly, Lin Xun changed the subject. As expected, Jin Duyi was diverted and opened his mouth to spurt out a golden light, which evolved into an incomplete golden Taoist Sutra. Jin Duyi said excitedly, "There is no doubt that this is a Taoist scripture written by a sage himself!" Lin Xun's heart also vibrated, happy eyebrows. This incomplete Taoist Sutra comes from the Holy Island of the Five Elements. It was originally complete, but in the process of fighting, it was torn into three parts. The other two parts were captured by the mysterious creature in the jade and the saint Linlang respectively. Lin Xun has also studied this scripture, but found that this scripture is very close, like jade is not jade, like iron is not iron, I do not know what material cast, golden, heavy, filled with a unique sacred atmosphere. Unfortunately, this incomplete scripture could not be opened, and even the scriptures on the pages disappeared and could not be peeped at. Helplessly, Lin Xun can only give Jin Duyi to identify,heavy duty cantilever racks, but this is a three-legged golden toad, claiming to be able to identify all things, know the treasures. It is a pity that this Sutra is incomplete and cannot reflect the Sutra written by the sage. It is really a pity. 。