The strongest abandons less

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"Yes, the blood tripod emperor was injured and the Haotian emperor was killed many years apart, and the blood tripod emperor was later rescued by that woman, according to reason is certainly nothing.". That's why I wonder why the Blood Tripod Emperor didn't bother you when you destroyed the Xianque Chamber of Commerce of the Blood Tripod Emperor. Said the tulip simply. Thank you for telling me this. He patted the fan in his hand, "but how should I deal with you?"? Whether to kill you or do something else, I am really very worried. The tulip suddenly smiled, "Elder Martial Brother Ye, whether before or after shaping the body, I am still perfect.". If you don't mind that I'm a little old and want to do something else to me, you can let me go, and I'm willing to do it. But I see what you mean. You don't want to do that with me at all. I really want to ask you to let me go, but I don't know what reason to find. I can only tell you that I never wanted to kill you after I thought I had you, believe it or not. Ye Mo smiled, "Tulip, I believe you.". In fact, age doesn't matter at all to people who cultivate immortals. Actually, you're right. I really don't have any other ideas about you. I want to ask you one more thing. Was the middle-aged scribe still there when you came? Did you kill him? Tulip shook her head and said,faux ficus tree, "I really didn't lie to you. When I came here, there was no one here.". Because there is a platform here, it is more convenient to rest at ordinary times, so I chose my own place to practice here. Kui nodded. "I have one more thing to ask you. I saw a golden skeleton in the chaotic star field of the lower sky. The skeleton had only one hand. He was holding a Zen staff in his hand.". That's the man who asked me to kill you. He only has a trace of primordial spirit. Do you know that guy? This guy made a mark of divine consciousness on his body at that time. If it wasn't for Zhen Bingyu, he really wouldn't know. The mark of divine consciousness, even now, is still preserved in the world of golden pages. Tulip's eyes suddenly darkened. After a while,decorative palm trees, she said, "I know him. If I'm not wrong, he should be Gong Ye Cangming, the first master of the South Tomorrow Temple.". Although he has not yet demonstrated the holy emperor, but is the top semi-saint, and the strength is extremely powerful, did not expect him to die in the chaotic star field of the lower sky, only a trace of the existence of the primordial God. Chapter nineteen hundred and thirty-three dig nine foot of the wall. "I guess he died of poisoning, because his eyebrows and front bones are all black, which should be the top poison.". Even now, his primordial spirit could not dispel the poison, so he had to stay under the pool. After a long time, artificial coconut palm trees ,silk ficus tree, I'm afraid his original spirit will be corroded. After listening to the tulip's words, he immediately speculated. Poisoning The tulip said to herself in amazement, with a trace of guilt in her eyes. "Did you kill that man?" He asked doubtfully. "No." Tulip shook her head. I thought you killed him. Since you didn't kill him, why do you feel so guilty? He looked at the tulip with some guilt and said in puzzlement. Although Gong Ye Cangming was a monk, he was the double cultivation companion that the fairies in the fairy world wanted most at that time. The tone of the tulip immediately let Ye Mo guess out, in front of this tulip is estimated to be one of the many women who are obsessed with Gong Ye Cangming. Seeing that he was somewhat clear, Tulip immediately said, "Do you think I also have a crush on Gong Ye Cangming?" Kui did not answer this time, he is not a gossip, tulip is not secretly in love with Gong Ye Cangming has nothing to do with him. Tulip also did not intend to let him answer, said to himself: "I happen to be one of the few people who do not have a crush on Gong Ye Cangming. Gong Ye Cangming is very handsome and handsome, and no one can match his demeanor.". And aptitude and wisdom are top, no one can compare. More importantly, his cultivation is an invincible existence of the same rank. Elder Martial Brother Ye, if you haven't seen your body, you are far inferior to Gongye Cangming in terms of appearance. Without interrupting Tulip's words, he vaguely felt that Tulip seemed to have some purpose in talking about Gong Ye Cangming. I have seen Gong Ye Cangming many times. Because he's the center of attention wherever he goes. "Tulip tone with a trace of sadness," until that time in Qingweitian party, he saw me. I was wearing a veil, but he rudely penetrated my veil with divine consciousness and saw my whole picture clearly. Later, he refused to pay attention to other fairies and wanted to pursue me. He looked at the tulip subconsciously. To be honest, the tulip is beautiful. But as she herself said, if you don't look at her body, her appearance is just beautiful. Still far from the kind of people can not move away from the point of view, even compared to Ning E, tulips are also a few chips. Can she make Gong Ye Cangming fall in love at first sight? No matter how thick-skinned Gong Ye Cangming is, he won't sweep her through her clothes with divine consciousness, will he? "Do you think I look like that?" The tulip saw what he was thinking from his expression. Indeed, think that Gongye Cangming is used to seeing very beautiful fairies. You're not bad, but I don't think you can be loved by Gong Ye Cangming at first sight, can you? Kui would not hide it and said it bluntly. Tulip laughed at herself, "Because after I rebuilt my body, I have completely changed my appearance.". I hate the way I used to look. But he didn't want to go on. He stopped the tulip with a wave of his hand and went on, "I'm leaving.". I don't want to hear any more of this gossip. "No, I'll finish soon." Tulip did not shut up, "Gong Ye Cang Ming's cultivation is extremely high, and he is extremely intelligent.". When he saw that I was not interested in him, he tried every means to pursue me. I got a lot of benefits from him, and even knew the secret of his great intelligence and quick practice,large palm trees for sale, but I couldn't really like him. Later, I had to walk away, and he thought he had me. You're gone. He thinks he's got you? What does that mean? He stared at the tulip doubtfully. hacartificialtree.comThe strongest abandons less