Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

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My father is going to deal with you tonight. What about the news? Is it enough for you to cooperate with me? Nalan Jie threw out a heavy news, staring at the expression on Mu Qianyue's face, as if he wanted to see a change in her face. However, unfortunately, Mu Qianyue's face kept an indifferent and leisurely expression from beginning to end, not even a trace of panic, fear and shock. Are you done? Oh, I see. Mu Qianyue said lightly and went straight into the hall with Nalanjing. She had long guessed that Nalan Zheng would attack herself and Zhenguo Hou Fu, so she was not surprised to hear Nalan Jie's words at the moment. However, I did not expect Nalan Jie to betray his father for the throne. Perhaps this is the sadness of the emperor's family. There will never be true feelings. Mu Qianyue just sat down with Nalanjing, after a while, Mu Hong also came, Mu Hong went to the top of Mu Qianyue and sat down. Moments later, as the eunuch's voice sounded, Nalanzheng came in wearing a gorgeous and delicate black-striped dragon robe, followed by the charming queen and the stunning and beautiful favorite concubine Lan Keyu. Today is my birthday. Everyone can eat and drink freely, as long as they are happy. Nalanzheng laughed. When the ministers heard this, they hurriedly presented their gifts. The dancers filed in, and there was a scene of singing and dancing. Hong Aiqing, I want to propose a toast to you. Because of you, there is such an outstanding young genius as Yue Yatou. This is the hope of my Fengying country. Nalanzheng stepped down from Dan, holding a glass in one hand and a flagon in the other, and walked up to Muhong with a smile. The old minister was frightened. Mu Hong hurriedly stood up respectfully and took the wine glass to pick it up. After Nalanzheng personally filled Muhong with wine,65 inch smart board, the two of them dried up, and the ministers in the palace all showed a look of envy. How glorious it was to get the emperor to pour wine and toast in person! Chapter 57 lost my heart, lost the hearts of the people. Then Nalanzheng walked up to Mu Qianyue and said with a smile, "Miss Yue, I also propose a toast to you. You are the future elixir master. Don't let me down." "Shallow moon is just a vulgar woman, how can the emperor bother to pour wine himself?"? It should be a toast to the emperor from the shallow moon. The emperor is brave, wise and wise. Fengying country has such a wise king as you. It is the luck of the shallow moon, but also the luck of the people of Fengying City! Mu Qianyue stood up with fear and pride and said with a smile. Ha ha,interactive flat panel display, the moon girl's mouth is still so clever. Nalanzheng laughed, presumably no one would not like to listen to flattery, let alone a person who is used to being flattered and worshipped by others? Seeing Mu Qianyue drink the wine in the cup in one gulp, his eyes flashed a sneer, and he turned and walked up to Dan. Hey. Today is my sixtieth birthday, originally should be full of children and grandchildren, to celebrate together, but Ye son was seriously injured back to Yunzong to recuperate, and Yu son is inexplicably missing, so far missing, it makes me uneasy. Although Yuer has done a lot of stupid things, after all, is my son, blood is thicker than water. Nalanzheng lamented sadly. All the ministers nodded with a sigh when they heard this. Before that, they had always thought that Nalanyu had been locked up by the emperor and had thought about it, but they did not expect that he had disappeared. Below, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive boards for classrooms, Mu Qianyue raised an imperceptible sneer when she heard the words on her lips. Is the main event coming? At this time, a figure hurried in from the outer door of the hall, kneeling in the center of the hall, a serious face said, "newspaper!"! Your Majesty, we have found the trace of the big prince. "Say it quickly." When Nalan Zheng heard this, he was overjoyed and asked excitedly. Mu Qianyue glanced at him contemptuously. Oh, this acting skill is really great. Obviously, he doesn't care about Nalanyu's life at all, but he still pretends to be a father and son. Nalanyu has been dead for almost a month, and he didn't say it until now. Tut, tut, tut, it's really a pity for Nalanyu. We are.. The jade pendant of the big prince was found in the mansion of Zhenguo Hou, and the body of the big prince was found. The bodyguard held a jade pendant in his hand and handed it forward. As his voice fell, two bodyguards came in carrying a corpse outside the hall. But the corpse's face was blurred, and he had been stabbed dozens of times, so he could not distinguish the original blur, but the clothes he was wearing were indeed Nalanyu's clothes, and his figure was nine points similar. The ministers sighed, and in an instant they believed that the corpse in front of them was Nalanyu. Seeing this, Nalanzheng's face suddenly changed and he cried out sadly, "Yuer!" Stumbling down the Dan, angry and sad. Mu shallow moon eyes a narrow, unexpectedly Nalanzheng in order to deal with Zhenguo Hou Fu unexpectedly will come to this move, really insidious enough! The body in front of us is naturally not Nalanyu's, because Nalanyu has long been scattered into a pile of blood by her corpse, and can no longer find a little Ding. As for clothes, hum, Nalanyu was once the prince of a country, will his clothes be less? Just a few pieces are enough! Nalanzheng looked up at Mu Hong and Mu Qianyue in the hall and asked in a cold voice, "Hong Aiqing, what's going on?"? Why did my Yuer die in your mansion? "The old minister is also very confused." Muhong stood up, eyes cold, tone indifferent incomparable said, at this time his heart is cold, Nalanzheng's behavior is very disappointed. Before Nalanyu sneak attack on the moon, if not for the help of the ghost king, the moon would have been killed, so for Nalanyu died long ago, Muhong is aware of this matter. At this time to see Nalanzheng in order to deal with their own, unexpectedly moved out of this reason, suddenly feel very cold. In vain, he worked hard for Feng Ying Guo for decades, but he got such a reward. Mu Hong, I think I treat you well, always treat you as a brother, you, you actually killed my son. Is it just because he refused to marry the moon girl? Nalanzheng said with a sad face. The ministers suddenly, so this is the reason why Muhong killed Nalanyu! "The old minister doesn't know what's going on at all. I hope the emperor will investigate and give the old minister justice." "What do you have to say now that there is both human and material evidence?" Nalanzheng shouted angrily, "Zhenguo Hou Muhong deliberately killed the big prince,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, removed his identity, demoted to the common people, and put him in prison." 。