Emperor tyrant

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"Oh, it sounds like a lot of color." Lan Yunzhu laughed and squinted at Li Qiye and said, "What kind of expression did that uncle have just now?"? Adore, miss? Or a memorial? It can be said that Lan Yunzhu knows Li Qiye very well and can read something that others can't understand from Li Qiye's expression. In fact, now only Lan Yunzhu dares to talk about such things with Li Qiye, only Lan Yunzhu dares to tease Li Qiye like this. Neither. Finally, Li Qiye gently brushed Lan Yunzhu's hair, smiled and said, "Girl, you are still young. You don't understand. There are some things you can't imagine. There are some things you have to choose." "You really seem to be older than me. I just call you uncle. Do you really think you are older than me?" Lan Yunzhu gave him an angry white look, which was very nifty. "Maybe I'm older than you," he said, "and you have to call me sister." Li Qiye couldn't help laughing. Then he glanced at the dark stars and said, "Let's go and get out of here.". We have achieved our goal. It's almost time. I have to go to Tianling. Li Qiye took Lan Yunzhu to ride in the bronze chariot of the Fourth World War and turned away, running in the sea of stars. Crash- "Just like a huge wave was splashed up and the stars were scattered down. When the bronze chariot was running in the fourth battle, the King Kong carp actually caught up with it.". He did not attack Li Qiye, but very happily caught up with them to follow Li Qiye. What's he doing? When Lan Yunzhu saw the King Kong carp catching up, he couldn't help asking. Li Qiye looked at the Vajra carp and said, "He wants to follow me because the lantern is in my hand.". The black fire is in my hands! "Take him and leave?" Lan Yunzhu looked at the King Kong carp and could not help saying. Such a King Kong carp is absolutely a great fish. Even a great man can't drive it away. He won't leave. Even if the Five Immortals don't leave the wooden nest, he's just following us. At most, he's just giving us a ride. Li Qiye shook his head gently and said. At the edge of the pool,interactive touch screens education, this is a very lively place. Ever since the throne came, it has been very quiet, no matter which big family is strong, no matter which big religious territory. It was very quiet, no monks were making noise here, no one was talking loudly here. The emperor stood motionless on the edge of the pool, like a stone carving, and he stood on the edge of the pool like a God,touch screen interactive whiteboard, crossing the world. Suppressed the world, since he stood on the edge of the pool. No one dares to approach the edge of the pool again. Anyone who felt his stormy breath could not help but feel a chill in his heart, and no one dared to approach the mad throne! The big array is still hanging in the sky. Hundreds of sages, like giant gods, are suppressed there, which makes anyone feel suffocated and afraid. Since the throne came, he stood on the edge of the pool waiting for Li Qiye to return, he did not even move, not even a hair did not move, it seems that the breeze did not dare to approach him! At this time, the throne of the emperor looks magnificent, and it is the emperor of the heavenly kingdom, especially the golden door behind him, solemn and mighty, touch screen whiteboard ,smart board touch screen, it seems that when you open the golden door, you can see the immortal emperor, which makes people feel awe and worship. The throne stood there, neither happy nor sad, as if it had never changed, but his storm-like breath could tear anything close to him! "Although the Emperor and the Phoenix Lady are not married yet, they have deep feelings." "No matter what, the throne will avenge the Phoenix Lady. He won't let the Phoenix Lady die in vain," said an old religious leader who had a deep friendship with the Kingdom of God. Many people know that when she was dying, she asked someone to tell the emperor not to avenge her. I believe that the emperor also received the last words of the burning phoenix girl, but he still came, still waiting for Li Qiye to appear, with the determination not to die! This can see the depth of his feelings with the God burning phoenix girl, even if they are only engaged and not married, the feelings of the two of them are also very deep. The emperor has been standing on the edge of the pool day after day, he did not ask anything, even the first grave of the treasure hunting action, honing the journey have given up! He just stood here, waiting for Li Qiye to come out and fight Li Qiye to the death! In the past few days, the ancestral mountain also came, when the ancestral mountain of the throne of ten thousand bones came here, so that countless religious countries have retreated, no matter which religious country saw the crown-like ancestral mountain, can not help but be awed. Ancestor mountain came, silent, mighty and solemn, no one knows how many strong people came to the throne of ten thousand bones this time, and no one knows whether the throne of ten thousand bones has an ancestor. However, the ancestral mountain has come, which is enough, this mountain full of mystery represents the authority of the throne of ten thousand bones, it represents the whole throne of ten thousand bones, is such an ancestral mountain, enough to make any great religious territory in the holy world afraid of it! Day by day, the fish and turtles in the pool swam less and less, as if the whirlpool in the middle of the pool might close at any time. As the days went by, some people lost their composure, especially the younger generation of the ghost clan, who were still eager to watch the throne suppress Li Qiye. Hum, won't the Terran ant surnamed Li be afraid to hide in the tortoise hole and dare not come out? The young monk of the ghost clan could not bear it and said with a sneer in a cold voice. This period of time, Li Qiye too let them ghost clan can not raise their heads, especially the younger generation, was completely Li Qiye swept the prestige, how can this not let the young monks of the ghost clan wish to see the emperor seat a good lesson Li Qiye? Compared with the calmness of the younger generation, the older generation of ghost monks were more worried about another thing. The emperor said jealously, "Li Qiye went in for so long. I'm afraid he got a great chance in the legend, just like the foolish immortal emperor in those days!" "It's no use for him to get any big chance now,75 inch smart board, and he will die in the end." Although he was jealous that Li Qiye might get a big chance, the head of the Great Religion sneered and said, "No one can help him now. Even the elders of Qianli River and all the strong people have been suppressed in the Hundred Holy Emperors. Who else can help him now?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com