The Immortal Journey

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"No, for one thing, I'm handsome enough. That's what you said. For another, I'm not as strong as the guy outside. If he challenges you, I'll be dead. For another, it's just that I'm not suitable." Jiang Hong quickly refused. When Feng Yu and Jiang Hong were discussing how to deal with the gods outside, this guy was shouting outside and bumping into the ban from time to time. If it weren't for his profound cultivation, he would have been imprisoned by the ban. But seeing that Feng Yu did not respond, he kept trying to break through the ban and get into the planet, like a madman. Ha ha, dead madman, came here again to pick up beautiful women, today you two just died together, ha ha. A man of God in the late period suddenly appeared behind the guy who was pestering Fengyu. When he heard the sound, he turned around. When he saw the guy who was looking for Fengyu's trouble, he could not help saying coldly, "What are you doing here? Don't think you can do whatever you want here if you are better than me!" "Do you think you can stop me? Your little lover destroyed my planet last time and took all my materials and treasures. Today I finally found it here, thanks to your help!" "Guxuan God, you follow me, I'm so angry." "Nuo Ji, so what if I follow you? Anyway, you both died today!" Ancient Xuan God said, the whole body exudes a powerful murderous look, the murderous look emitted by the gods is different, stronger than the simple breath do not know how many times. Nuo machine gritted his teeth, turned into a tool and rushed straight to Guxuan God. At the moment of rushing out, an artifact turned into a sharp cone appeared in front of Nuo machine God. Its power can not be underestimated. Gu Xuanshen,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, of course, understood that this was the full force of the Nuo machine, if not for his own repair to be higher than the other side, after being locked by the other side really can not get away, only hard fight, but now Gu Xuanshen easily dodged. Although the Nuo Machine God was still in hot pursuit after the ancient Xuan God flashed by, and his power was not weakened, he could not hit the ancient Xuan God. Nuo machine, you become stupid,Calacatta Quartz Slab, such an attack is too monotonous, and it is impossible to touch me. Gu Xuan God laughed. The two men scurried back and forth, sometimes bumping into the planet of Fengyu's hidden cultivation, which made the ban flicker unceasingly, but both of them were very high in cultivation, just a little bit, and immediately got away. Nuo machine God heard the words of the ancient Xuan God, a shock in the heart, immediately wake up, know that just now he was excited because of Fengyu, think again, he is really not the opponent of the other side, now people are simply playing with themselves. Gu Xuanshen, I can compensate you for Fengyu's things. Don't pursue them for this. The Nuo machine God stopped and said. Pay, how do you pay, even if you can pay, this matter is not over, ha ha! I don't want to say more to you. Now that you've started, it's time for me to start. Be careful. I won't let you die right away. I want you to see how I can catch your little lover and let you both die together. Gu Xuan Shen laughed, pietra gray marble ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and the strange smile of Nuo Ji Shen could not help but shiver. As soon as he was locked by Guxuan God, Nuo machine God was frightened to find that no matter how he moved, he fell within the scope of the other side, and he had to fight hard. A point of light rose from the hand of Guxuan God, slowly growing, like a growing crystal ball, until it stopped when it was the size of a basketball, and at the same time quickly hit Nuo Ji God. Gu Xuan Shen, do you want to use such an attack against me? Nuo machine God said at the same time, the hand also hit a sharp purple light. Light ball and purple I collided, "touch" a loud noise, shake the nearby gods gas layer upon layer to spread out, their nearby planets were also affected to a certain extent, however, to the surprise of Nuo machine God, the ancient Xuan God also sent out a light ball with an artifact in it. When the ball of light and the purple light met just now, they were almost in front of the Nuo machine God. Suddenly, an artifact came out to attack him. He was caught off guard for a moment, so he had to use all his strength. The artifact also came out to protect each other. He saw the runes flowing on the God's armor, scattered with a faint purple light. The artifact surrounded him like a dream. This time, without any obstruction, the artifact of Guxuan God went straight to Nuo Ji God and hit him with a dazzling light. The artifact of Nuo Ji God was also cut off, causing it to return to his body. With a scream of "Ah", the Nuo Machine God was wounded by the artifact of the ancient Xuan God, and was forbidden to hit the planet in the retreat. Because he was injured and unable to resist, he was imprisoned and sent to the interior of the planet. Gu Xuan God saw, surprised way, "hey, this ban is a little familiar feeling, however, that dead bitch should not have such strength cloth such ban is right, ah, inside the God array is more powerful!"! It seems that it will take some effort to break these today! Jiang Hong and Feng Yu in the planet to discuss how to fix the outside guy, has not paid attention to the outside, until the Nuo machine God was banned and imprisoned to the planet, Feng Yu found that the outside situation has changed. Ah, what day is it? Both guys are here. Feng Yu cried bitterly. Jiang Hongnianli sent out, immediately clear about the general situation, said, "Xifeng, is that the guy outside that you have offended and have been pursuing?" "Yes, I used to be very careful not to let him find it here, but I didn't expect him to find it today." Feng Yu was a little worried. "It seems that Nuo Ji Shen was hurt by him." Episode 22 Chapter 9 First Attempt Jiang Hong thought for a moment and said, "Xifeng, that guy seems to be ready to break the ban. Judging from the current situation, it's only a matter of time before he breaks the ban." "I know, but let's see how the guy is." Feng Yu said that he waved his hand and pinched the magic formula, and the Nuo machine God immediately appeared in front of the two men. Nuo Ji Shen, who had been injured and was preparing to heal his wounds, suddenly found that the ban on his imprisonment had suddenly changed. When he opened his eyes, he did not expect to see the person he had always wanted to see. He immediately sat up, and there was no injury at all. Ah, Feng Yu, you're finally willing to see me! Feng Yu face dice a cold, "don't flatter yourself, I see you were hurt by the ancient Xuan God to let you in, but I have my own favorite person!" "Who is it?" Nuo Ji Shen asked nervously. Jiang Hong heard Feng Yu's words in the side of the heart secretly complained, of course,Marble Projects, he knew that Feng Yu was to take him as a shield, but now he had to cooperate, otherwise it would be troublesome later.