Wear it quickly the heroine and the male God cant stop flirting.

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He saw her faint in front of him, covered by the petals of Manjushahua layer by layer. Looking at her closed eyes, her face as white as snow was sleeping peacefully. Such a moment, as if back to a certain morning in the palace of Prince Chu. He looked at her with loose eyes, and the corners of his mouth could raise a smile. What he wants is probably such a calm time! Do not seek to be strong, not afraid of the outside world. As long as he looked into her eyes, his heart would be very stable. Just because it was her. In an instant, the faint light, like a sharp sword, flew straight towards the starry night sky, crossing a beautiful arc. The sky as dark as night is instantly bright in the day. He did not know why she would disappear in an instant after the blood sacrifice, but he could feel that she was still alive, still alive in the world. She is waiting for him, never give up waiting for him. The door of the Chu Palace, which had already been sealed, was opened in an instant, and a powerful smoke flew in. Just for a moment, the wind blew. The Chinese flowering crabapple flowers in front of the Hall of Tangxin fell down and gently fell on the crystal coffin. The man lying in the coffin was dressed in white, and his sleeping face was still beautiful, white and clean. See the next second, that wipe gathered three souls and six souls of the smoke toward the coffin straight away. Instantly, all over the sky, crabapple blossoms fall and cherry blossoms fly, surrounded by white light, lingering layer by layer. Straight into the sky, lighting up the stars of the night. In an instant,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the young man's fingertips in the coffin moved slightly. The whole body was suffused with the white light of the moon, and wherever the light went, all the wounds were healed without treatment. The blood flowed against the current and the heart resumed beating. The next moment, the boy suddenly opened his eyes, pupils like ink, shining like stars. Chapter 223 the seventh princess of the weak chicken king (40). One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! Have you heard? Last night, there was a sudden white light in Junxie Pavilion, which was very powerful. "More than I heard,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I was burning the midnight oil last night, but I saw it with my own eyes!"! "Seeing is believing! That was a shocking sight!" "It must be an auspicious omen for the prince to get married today!" At the feast, all the royal nobles, merchants and tycoons gathered inside and outside the palace, all of whom prepared gifts to attend the wedding ceremony of His Royal Highness. It was not the Crown Princess that was discussed during the banquet, but the mutation of the stars last night. As we all know, Junxie Pavilion is like the existence of gods. This time the prince was lucky enough to get such an auspicious omen. At noon, the sun shines three poles. Today's weather is particularly good, cloudless, even the snow on the ground are gradually melting. Luo Qingchen sat in front of the bronze mirror, looking at a phoenix crown rosy clouds, eyes showing a cold indifference. Eight Xiniang helped her dress up at her side, one by one smiling like a flower, which made her feel disgusted. The next second, she suddenly got up, and the haze in her eyes almost froze the people around her. Xi Niang is a stupefied, looked at each other, do not know whether to go or stay. Just then, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Jun Yaochen walked in slowly. He was dressed in a bright red wedding dress, with a dangerous and enchanting smile at the corners of his mouth. He half squinted at Luo Qingchen in front of him and said, "Why, do you want to go back on your word?" "So what if I repent?" She suddenly picked up the gold hairpin at her hand and put it against her neck. She looked at him indifferently and said, "If I stab him hard, I won't know anything." "Ha ha," Jun Yao Chen shrugged his shoulders and laughed twice. "Of course you can do that, but Prince Chu and Prince Luo will all be buried with your death." He can always get what he wants by hook or by crook. If what he wanted was someone else's, he would rather destroy her and leave a dead one around. Jun Yao Chen, you are crazy. "Luo Qingchen clenched his teeth, his eyes were reddish and bloodshot, and his lips seemed to be biting blood." Oh, that's right. Jun Yao Chen chuckled, raised his right hand, and drew the gold hairpin, only to see blood gushing out of his white neck in an instant. But his eyes narrowed slightly and he looked at her and said, "And the corpse of the Prince of Chu, I will treat him well." The next second, the gold hairpin was seized by him. He stood with his hands on his back and said to Xi Niang, "Take care of the wound and get on the sedan chair on time.". ” "Qing," Nian Nian saw that Jun Yaochen had gone and rushed over in a hurry. He took out the embroidered handkerchief in his arms and wiped the wound for her. At the same time, he shed tears and said, "If I were still here, I would be distressed." When she heard this, she tried to hold back her eyes from crying and shed tears again. Yes! If he is still here, how can he be willing to let her suffer the slightest harm! Luo Qingchen closed his eyes, frowned gently between his eyebrows, and a memory of him flashed through his mind. Once upon a time, she was pricked by a tiny needle and thread. When he saw it, his eyes were full of heartache, and he looked at her wound for many days. At that time, she thought it was over, but she never thought that since then, all the needles and threads in Tangxin Temple had disappeared. Nian Nian said to tell her that he had hidden it. I didn't feel very moved at that time, but I just smiled and said nothing. At this moment, in retrospect, I feel my heart pumping hard. Originally, once she was so happy, so spoiled. She gently raised her hand and wiped the blood from her neck. Her eyes were cold and she said to herself, "Jun Yao Chen, I won't die.". If he doesn't live, I will die with you. Chapter 224 the seventh princess of the weak chicken king (41). One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! The heart is like a mirror, and the body is like colored glaze. Purgatory on earth, killing to stop killing, Destiny reincarnation, bone removal and rebirth. She was dressed in a golden and frowning dress, which was as long as the ground. Cloud bun fog servant girl, oblique insert gold box upside down lotus hairpin, inlaid with diamond silver tassels, shining. A peony flower embellishes the eyebrows, bright eyes flow, jade fingers plain arms, red lips enchanting. She so casually stood on the high platform, the breeze blowing, the United States can not be square things. Nian Nian followed her,ultrasonic molten metal, with a little tears in her eyes, lowered her head and carefully led her skirt. And her eyes were cold, and the corners of her mouth raised a very cold smile. fycgsonic.com