Rebirth pursuit order

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"Yes, you are absolutely right, Deng Jie, she must have told her parents, Lao Zhao, do you remember that the day her parents were leaving, we went to ask them again?"? You keep asking them if there are any clues about the baby in Jiang Xiaoqing's belly. Do you remember how they reacted? "Remember, they both had a long face and ignored me. At that time, they dared not say that their daughter was pure and pure. Anyway, they refused to face their daughter's unmarried pregnancy anyway." "Yes, when Jiang Xiaoqing's mother finally left, didn't she still shout at us?"? She repeatedly shouted, "My daughter is not the kind of person who has sex with others. She doesn't have an engagement with others. She won't go to bed with others casually. At that time, we were so angry that we were going to vomit blood. How could there be such a shameless person? Obviously, she has a child in her stomach, but she still doesn't admit that she went to bed with someone." "Yes, it's like this." Chao Po-tao nodded and began to understand what Lu meant. So, in fact, we didn't understand the meaning of Jiang Xiaoqing's mother's words at that time. She must have known that her daughter was engaged to someone, so she thought her daughter was not wrong. "No,24v Gear Motor, if that's the case, why didn't Jiang Xiaoqing's parents tell us directly that her daughter was engaged?"? Why did you hide it from us? Haven't we been pursuing this matter? "Why should they hide it from us? They can only ask themselves." Lu's cell phone rang suddenly. When she finished answering the phone, her face turned white and she asked Chao Po-tao to send her to a hospital in a panic. Lu's father, a sudden heart attack, was sent to the rescue, the phone, is the family's nanny Aqiu call. Chapter 23 Dad Updated March 4,Small Geared Motors, 2011 23:45:35 Words: 2474 The car ran as fast as the First People's Hospital. Although Chao Po-tao did not know why Lu's father was ill and Xiao Wang was so anxious, he stepped on the gas without saying a word and sped to the hospital. As always, there was a long line of elevators in the hospital. Lu did not hesitate for a moment. He pushed open the escape door and ran up the stairs. When she kept running to the 8th floor, Lu was exhausted. She stood in the corridor, holding her waist and breathing heavily. Bed 23, Lu just wanted to ask the nurse, has seen not far ahead, standing a few once familiar figures, Xingzhe, Shen Shaoyuan, Aqiu, and mother. Lu tried desperately to calm himself down and slowly walked toward the group of people. Shen Shaoyuan was the first to find her. He stared at her in surprise and did not speak. He touched Xingzhe gently with his hand. Xingzhe turned his head and saw Lu. He frowned immediately. The two of them came in the direction of Lu, probably trying to stop her. But before the two of them could say anything, Ah Qiu suddenly cried out. Sister Wang, Micro Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, you're here. Shen Shaoyuan and Xing Zhe turned their heads and looked at Ah Qiu strangely, all in a fog. Little sister, brother-in-law, Grandpa asked me to call Sister Wang. Two days ago, when Grandpa was not feeling well, he told me that if he had something to do, I must inform Sister Wang that he had something to say to her. Qiu said in a hurry and quickly, called Wen Zhe and Xing Zhe sister, called Mom and Dad, but Grandpa and Grandma, which is also Qiu's patent. The doubts in Lu's heart at the moment are absolutely no less than those of Shen Shaoyuan and Xingzhe. What does Dad want to say to Wang Yueyue? The three of them stood there looking at each other. You go in, officer Wang. "Mother, sitting on the bench, suddenly spoke.". Shen Shaoyuan and Xing Zhe got out of the way. Lu hesitated for a moment and went straight into the ward. My father was lying there with his eyes closed. He looked so thin and old. My father had a bad heart, but he had never been hospitalized like this for a long time. The doctor had told Lu that once he was hospitalized again, it might be very dangerous. Lu went to her father's side and stood there at a loss. She wanted to cry, to call her father loudly, to throw herself on his father and wake him up, but in the end she did nothing. Bo. Father.. His voice trembled a little "Uncle, I'm here. I'm Wang Yueyue. Do you have anything to do with me?" Lu called softly in his father's ear. The patient's eyelids trembled twice, as if they had used a lot of strength, but still could not open them. Lu held his breath and waited. Finally, the father opened his eyes, he looked at Lu Wei, fixed watching, half ring did not speak, did not move. "Uncle Lu called out again." You're here. His father's voice was very weak, and Lu nodded hurriedly and put his ear to his father's mouth. And you are He. "" The voice, like a gossamer, sounded like thunder in Lu's ears. With a whoosh, Lu stood up straight, clutching his hands in a panic, nowhere to put them, and could only embrace herself tightly. She stared at her father. Father is also looking at her, the corners of the mouth slowly with a smile. In the seemingly quiet ward, the air was tense and seemed to explode at any time. A tear rolled out of Lu's eyes and hit the ground heavily. One after another, she threw herself beside her father and buried her head in his elbow. Tears gushed out like a dike bursting. One hand, laboriously and weakly, touched Lu's hair, and the old man said softly, "Don't cry, Xiaowen, don't cry." Lu raised his tear-stained face and sobbed and asked, "Dad,Vending Machine Motor, how do you know.." How did you know it was me? The old man smiled, and the brilliance in his eyes could be described as naughty. You are my daughter, and I know what you will become. Father's voice was weak but pleasant.