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Only then did Zhu Siniang give a deep sigh and say, "It's not that I don't want to avenge the crane in the clouds, but that Gongsun Tai is too clever. He knows that I hate him deeply. So, except for him.." When the beast attacks, he comes to me, but he doesn't approach me at all, and his martial arts are much better than mine. Under such circumstances, imagine what I can do to avenge the crane in the clouds. Zhu Shengnan asked indifferently, "How did you break up in the future?" "It's time to talk about Chunyu Kun, the old thief," said Zhu Siniang. "About half a year after I gave birth to you, Chunyu Kun also found me," he said with a slight sigh. "So the two goblins fought for me. However, the two old thieves were in the middle of each other in martial arts. They fought for more than a thousand strokes, but they didn't win or lose. So Chunyu Kun proposed to exchange ten thousand taels of gold.." The eighteenth chapter invincible castle division good female disciple "Does that mean Gongsun Tai sold you to Chunyu Kun?" Said Zhu Yanan with a sigh. "Yes." "From then on," said Zhu Siniang with a wry smile, "I became one of Chunyu Kun's concubines." The two sisters, Zhu Shengnan and Zhu Yanan, sighed at the same time. Zhu Siniang also sighed and said, "My child, perhaps you are all wondering why your mother didn't die to preserve her innocence at that time, but was manipulated by others again and again." Zhu Shengnan and Zhu Yanan nodded at the same time and said, "Yes, the boy really has this idea." Zhu Siniang sighed faintly: "Now, you two should also understand." Zhu Shengnan and Zhu Yanan were slightly stunned, but Zhu Siniang said, "When a woman loves a man, there is no power to stop her." Then he added, "At that time, I had the courage to live because of my infatuation with the crane in the cloud. I always hoped to find an opportunity to rescue the crane in the cloud who was wrongly imprisoned." Zhu Yanan then asked, "After that, did the crane in the cloud come out?" "Later," said Zhu Siniang,uns s31803 sheet, "the crane in the clouds came out, but I didn't save it." "How did that come out?" Asked Zhu Yanan. Zhu Siniang sighed lightly and said, "I don't know. Now, I should talk about the tragic change of Yicui Building sixteen years ago." "I don't know how he got out of prison," she answered with tears in her eyes after a moment's meditation? I don't know how he found out about me and sneaked into Fort Invincible? One night, he actually entered the Yicui Building where I lived. This was really a surprise to me. It was a mixed surprise. Unfortunately, at this time, Chunyu Kun also entered the room. Without saying a word, the old thief stopped the crane in the clouds. Then she broke her silver teeth and said, "The old thief insulted me in front of the crane in the cloud, and then killed the crane in the cloud in front of me. That bloody scene, to this day, I still wish I could smash Chun Yu Kun's bones and raise ashes." Zhu Shengnan asked, "Mother, there is a man whose whereabouts you forgot to tell me." "Who?" Asked Zhu Siniang. Zhu Shengnan answered indifferently, "It's Gongsun Tai that you don't allow me to call him father." "" I don't know where that man is, "said Zhu Siniang. Zhu Shengnan frowned and said, a333 grade 6 pipe ,uns s32760 plate, "If there is no accident, he should still be alive." "" Probably, "said Zhu Siniang again. "If he is already dead, he is lucky, otherwise I will not let him go," he said. "Niang," said Zhu Shengnan with a look of pain on his face, "it's the past of many years ago. Why do you.." Zhu Siniang gnashed her teeth and said, "The sufferings I have suffered in the past will no longer gnaw at my heart all the time. Even in another hundred years, in my impression, they will last for a long time and always be new." Zhu Yanan changed the subject and said, "Mother, how did you leave the Invincible Castle?" With a deep sigh, Zhu Siniang said, "It's a long story.." As for the process of Zhu Siniang's departure from the Invincible Fort, it was briefly described by Shuiyinggu to Lu Zhengying before, and will not be repeated here. ) When Zhu Siniang told her how she had left the Invincible Castle, Zhu Yanan sighed and said, "No wonder you are so kind to the rhubarb and Xiao Huang. It turns out that the life of our family was saved by the rhubarb." Zhu Siniang nodded and said, "Yes, so you two should take special care of rhubarb and Xiaohuang in the future." Zhu Shengnan just gave a noncommittal hum, but Zhu Yanan repeatedly nodded: "The child wrote it down." Then she looked and asked, "Mother, is it time to talk about my father now?" "You've already seen your father," said Zhu Siniang indifferently. Not only was Zhu Yanan stunned by this remark, but even Zhu Shengnan, who was on one side, was surprised and asked, "Who is it?" Zhu Siniang looked at Zhu Yanan and asked, "Girl, do you remember the old monk who helped you in Baoqing Mansion with a mole on his left nose?" Zhu Yanan lost his head and said to himself, "Is that monk my father?" Zhu Siniang nodded and said, "According to the situation you described, you can't go wrong." Zhu Yanan frowned and said, "It depends. He has recognized my origin." "That's right," said Zhu Siniang. "Otherwise he wouldn't have helped you." "How could he recognize me?" Asked Zhu Yanan. "That's easy to explain," said Zhu Siniang. "First, because you are my second daughter, he can imagine. Second, your face is mostly like mine, except for your sharp and slightly upturned jaw, which is exactly the same as his. So if you are a conscientious person, you can know your origin as soon as you see it." Zhu Yanan frowned and said to himself, "Yes, his chin is also pointed and slightly upturned.." Then he asked, "Mother, my father is not a bad man, is he?" With a deep sigh, Zhu Siniang said, "If your mother had met half a more humane man, I wouldn't have become so extreme today." Zhu Yanan said with a wry smile, "But he looks very kind now." "But, at that time,uns s32750 sheet, he behaved like a beast." Zhu Yanan frowned and said, "Mother, how did you know each other and how did you break up?" 。