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About B, B and other things he also has some understanding, did not expect that this looks like a little girl in general is actually a famous literary B God! In the past, he asked Qin Huanhuan what she was doing in the house all day. She said she was a network writer. He thought she was writing the kind of girl's little romance to make a living. Who knows, he is sharing a great God back, monthly remuneration of one or two hundred thousand, as well as all kinds of adapted copyright fees, she is completely a little rich woman. With so much money, why didn't she buy a house instead of sharing it with others? Xia Qingcheng was a little confused about Qin Huanhuan's idea. Click on the comments to have a look. Top comments. Pangpang: a man who forgets his friends at the sight of sex! Friends are exhausted! 502 likes, 50 replies This man's tone sounds like he probably knows Qin Huanhuan in reality? Remembering Qin Huanhuan's appearance of not going out of the door, he did not expect that she still had friends in reality. Curiosity drove Xia Qingcheng to click on the person whose nickname was Pangpang to comment on the reply below. Passerby a: Pangpang Editor Abandoned by Salted Fish Goddess! Passerby B: Forgetting a friend at the sight of sex? I seem to have noticed something great! Passerby C: Ho ho ho ho, salted fish God, throw yourself into my arms! Passerby D: I'm the only one who thinks the goddess may be in love? Many people immediately replied to the passer-by, expressing the same feeling. A person who has written B for many years and said that he had never been in love and could not write B suddenly opened a B article. Doesn't that mean. She's enlightened! With this idea! Xia Qingcheng agrees with these people's ideas. Qin Huanhuan may really have the idea of falling in love. He was already quite gossipy, at this time to see this reply,inflatable floating water park, immediately thinking, Qin Huanhuan usually did not go out at all, and where the man let her like it? Is it love? Think of Qin Huanhuan such a simple and lovely little girl may be in love with a wretched uncle, Xia Qingcheng just brewed a trace of sleepiness disappeared in an instant. Although the usual contact with Qin Huanhuan, Xia Qingcheng knows that Qin Huanhuan is actually quite mature, but no way,Inflatable water park on lake, who let her grow a deceptive face. Pulled down the comments again. All of a sudden. A familiar name jumped into his eyes. Qingcheng.?? The person that the salted fish goddess likes is the first brother, the anchor Qingcheng. Xia Qingcheng:? Why doesn't he know? Xia Qingcheng looked at the man's analysis. The man said that the goddess of salted fish was a famous house, and it was impossible to know any man outside. A woman's feet and the cat of the salted fish goddess appeared in the live broadcast room of Qingcheng that day, which only means that they live together or that they are neighbors. Since you live so close, it must be Qingcheng who can get in touch with the salted fish goddess, and Qingcheng is the only one who can move the salted fish goddess. Xia Qingcheng:? This man's analysis is good and reasonable. If he were a passer-by, he would be convinced. The truth is He and Qin Huanhuan really rent together, but there is really no sauce brewing relationship ah! As for the fact that Qin Huanhuan likes him. How is that possible? Qin Huanhuan is so cold to him, not to dislike him is good, how can he like him. He and Qin Huanhuan only had some non-mealtime contact after Guapi came. Chapter 2768 the story that has to be told between the male anchor and the beauty writer. Uh Although he thinks Qin Huanhuan this person is good, lovely and virtuous, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable outdoor park, but he really did not hit her idea ah. However, Xia Qingcheng did not notice that after he turned over Qin Huanhuan's comment section, he had a shallow impression in his heart. Sometimes, it's just a shallow impression, but it can ferment into something else in a long time. For example When he gets close to Qin Huanhuan again, maybe he will think of what his friends say, and Qin Huanhuan's eyes will naturally be different. When Qin Huanhuan returned to the house, she immediately began to write her new book. With so many years of writing experience, although it is the first time to write about love between men and women, it is not difficult for Qin Huanhuan. Qin Huanhuan has not written B just because she does not want to change the editor, and she thinks she prefers the love story between men and women, so she wants to wait until the day of her heart, she will open B. Now, the time has come. At lunch time, Xia Qingcheng suddenly said, "I have an activity to go to the city. I have to leave for two days. When I come back the night after tomorrow, you don't have to prepare my meal for these two days." When Qin Huanhuan heard this, he looked up at Xia Qingcheng and nodded. Xia Qingcheng looked at the tender Qin Huanhuan, hesitated for a moment, or told: "You sleep at night do not forget to lock the door, well, if there is anything, call me." Qin Huanhuan took another surprised look at Xia Qingcheng. OK "You also pay attention to safety." Qin Huanhuan seemed to be saying polite words. Xia Qingcheng Wen Yan also answered, but in his heart he was thinking, look, she is so cold to him, how can she like him. Those people in the world just like to think. These two days he will participate in an offline activity of the station, originally intended to leave before Qin Huanhuan said, but do not know why, he suddenly wanted to see if she would have any reaction. He was really influenced by the analysis of those people. The two of them live together, his decadent, house and lazy Qin Huanhuan see in the eyes, how can she like such a lazy person? "Yes." Qin Huanhuan suddenly made a sound. Xia Qingcheng looked up at Qin Huanhuan. Are you going to the market? Qin Huanhuan asked. What's the matter? Xia Qingcheng asked doubtfully. The brand of cat food that Guapi eats is not sold in the city. There are specialty stores in the city. If you are not busy, can you help bring some back? "Yes." Xia Qingcheng nodded, asked Qin Huanhuan about the sign,Inflatable bouncer, and wrote it down. Guapi sat down beside them at the right time and called twice, as if he knew that Xia Qingcheng was going to buy food for him. When Xia Qingcheng stood up with the bowl, Qin Huanhuan curled his mouth with chagrin. joyshineinflatables.com