Fake All-round Professional Master

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Although now think about it, Marconi's heart in the end is how to think, no one knows, evil or shameless, has been blowing such a wind in the ears of a teenager, more or less frightening, even Thrace feel that Grandpa Marconi is not and the Ulu people have any enmity, so to cultivate their own revenge? Naturally, this was not the case. The only thing Marconi, who was almost invincible, wanted to pursue was to live a little longer. But unfortunately, he died more suddenly than anyone imagined. Even the tears of Coleman's three beasts did not fall down. All that was left for the three of them was some indescribable words that were hard to understand. But Thrace, at least, knew what Grandpa Marconi expected of him. People should always have ideals. Since it is impossible to become an invincible warrior like Elfman, nor to inherit endless wealth like Dodoro, then go to be a vengeful Warcraft, always keep a strong fighting spirit, walk on the edge of moving forward, slowly become stronger, and then bite off the throat of the enemy. Marconi may not know that one of his words can easily change a teenager's mind. But over the past nine years, Thrace, which has gradually become stronger,large inflatable water slide, has proved the magic talent of the people of Harlem with strength beyond the imagination of others. Blaney once taught Coleman the magic of the three beasts at the same time, and the result was that Thrace was gifted and powerful, while Elfman and Dodoro were a pile of shit, and they had never seen any other magic except two fireballs. But Elfman went the other way. As for Dodoro, "Well, after all these years, no one has any expectations for him. Of course, now people want to say something about expectations. As a result, he has become very evil. When he is strong,inflatable water slide, he is too strong. When he is weak," he is a soft persimmon. " Old man Cruz, let's fight, shall we? Thrace smiled, without the madness of an extremely mad avenger, and the flames in his hands burned, and a fireball was crushed. Poof! Thrace waved his hand, crouched on a huge rock, and glanced coldly at the students of the Royal Academy of the Kingdom of Uru. "You don't want these friends to be bad, do you?" Cruz shook his head. "You're not murderous.". Not like the Avengers. Thrace shrugged. "Well, you know, I can hardly remember very well what happened before I was six years old, except for Grandpa.". There seems to be no one for me to remember. "Grandpa?" "Hey, hey, hey, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable meltdown, it's a horse." Thrace clenched his fists with a rattle. The finger shot out a flame, then blew it out with the end, and looked very elegantly at a group of shameless beasts and people below: "Put away your miscellaneous things.". Cruz, you are supposed to be a golden elite sorcerer. The strength of the middle rank of the great magician. "Oh?"? I didn't think you could see the depth of me. It seems that the magic talents of the people of Harlem. Really unusual, you have reached the gold level, although just reached, but it can be seen that your own magic is very abundant, and you specialize in a fire system, presumably the intensity of the flame, has exceeded people's imagination. Cruz's eyes were electric, and he was a little confused about what the guys in front of him were going to do. On the surface, Thrace was the one who should fight them most, but Dodoro, who was panting like a dead dog, was not a rookie, and from the battle scene just now, we can see that Dodoro was fully capable of exploding the students around him, but he did not. As for the remaining one. Quiet Elfmannet Sares. The cannon of the Gonzales family had cold eyes and a calm expression, without any trace of emotion. But in Cruz's eyes, it seems that this guy is the most terrible and the strongest. Actually, Cruz's judgment is good. In the Kingdom of Charles, there are not many people with such vision, even Pharrell, when he first met Elfman, he was only surprised, and finally after the moat incident, he knew the horror of Elfman. As for the later white dragon fight, that is a more exaggerated thing. But in any case, Thrace can be so wanton, more or less because of Coleman's three beasts gathered together, with Elfman's strength today. With him in charge, there's nothing to be afraid of. Your name is Thracian Halin. Cruz's white beard fluttered in the wind. "In that case, let's fight." Thrace Hei Hei smiled: "That's just right.". Tell your little guys to pack up their pets. And then, I'm going to attack super invincibly. Amid the anger, Cruz told his students to put away their puppet beasts and puppet men. Let's get started! Cruz did not expect to meet the last person he had ever wanted to meet in Hanover. As for Dodoro. This pervert! When Cruz thought of Dodoro's almost neurotic way of fighting, he felt that the pervert was like a monster, without any signs of verbal communication, and there were many monsters in the world. But there are very few people who are as complacent as Dodoro. Hey, hey! Bitch! The voice just fell, a fire like a rainbow from the fire, unexpectedly let Dodoro did not react to come over. It crashed directly into Cruz's surroundings, and there was a sharp movement. With a loud bang, a huge pit was formed, and then the smoke and dust dispersed. Cruz, who held up his magic shield, looked surprised: "What a fast speed." Flames! Meteor! Ya ha!!! Shouting loudly, Thrace's eyes began to go crazy, and the name of Warcraft really lived up to its reputation. A flame moon blade directly swept out of the air, the most exaggerated is that Thrace actually caught up with his own waving out of the moon blade, hands knot,inflatable bounce house with slide, the surrounding magic array suddenly formed, a huge circle of neutral Xuan burst out of terrible energy, flames rolling. The meteors came out directly. joyshineinflatables.com