My queen is too rich.

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Qian Mantian smiled sweetly and said with a cheeky smile "Oh!"! What are you making a fuss about! This is not a big problem people see you are so busy do not want to let you worry! It's all right I'll be fine after today I used to have a bad stomach Don't worry How can you not worry You don't know how to protect yourself Tell me what did you eat I eat with you every day I have nothing to do how can you eat bad stomach I think it's not as simple as eating a bad stomach It must be checked by the imperial physician Long Tianchu said firmly As soon as Qian Mantian heard that he wanted to see a doctor again he immediately shook his hands and said "No no!"! Che I really have a bad stomach It's all my uncle's fault It's all because of the cheap grapes he bought for a cheap price People have a bad stomach Discontented Yi'er pouted and complained "How dare the empress say that!"! The basket of grapes bought by the Fourteen Princes was so green and sour that everyone dared not eat the second one after tasting one but the empress seemed to have eaten it very well A basket of grapes was eaten half of the basket in the blink of an eye Can you not eat a bad stomach At that time they were all stunned by her actions She was the one who ate but it was the onlookers who made the acid flow But fourteen Wang Ye is moved to touch two tears Leng said that her nephew and daughter-in-law is good so support Qian Mantian winked at Yi'er to shut up He turned to look at Long Tian Che with a gloomy face and said with a silly smile "Che don't be angry!"! I just don't want to make my Agriculture uncle sad! Uncle finally generous once generous once invite people to eat grapes and if everyone does not eat let uncle lose face ah! So as a nephew and daughter-in-law at least they have to cooperate! "And you say!" Long Tianchu gave a loud roar of anger and scolded him "You dare to eat what Uncle Huang bought He bought it generously In my opinion people don't want to throw it away He picked it up You ate so much Can you not have a bad stomach" Uncle Huang is not allowed to eat any more food in the future Do you know When you see the emperor's uncle tomorrow you must warn him that he is not allowed to give anything to the queen to eat If he really eats something wrong I will never forgive him All right Che don't be angry! They won't eat it in the future! Qian Mantian hurriedly softened his tone and obediently said When Long Tianchu saw her like this he no longer had the heart to reprimand her "It's good to remember" he said in a soft tone "Hey I dare not forget" Qian Mantian took Long Tianchu's arm and smiled cheekily Long Tianchu really can't do anything about her Aunt aunt it's not good Just as Long Tianchu took Qian Mantian's shoulder and was ready to walk into the bedroom with her Long Tianchu ran over panting Guo'er what happened Seeing this Qian Mantian hurried forward to ask Long Tianguo had no time to salute his brother He reported directly "Aunt China Suppliers Uncle Qian and Aunt Qian have been arrested by the Ministry of Punishment" "What" Qian Mantian looked at Long Tianchu in shock Long Tian Che is also a pair of puzzled expression looked at Long Tian corridor "Seven younger brothers this is how to return a responsibility" "Brother Hui General Xiao said that he found out that Uncle Qian and Aunt Qian were the behind-the-scenes instigators of price manufacturing so he sent people from the Ministry of Punishment to Qian Fu and put Uncle Qian and Aunt Qian into the prison of the Ministry of Punishment" Long Tianguo reported No it's impossible My parents can't be the mastermind behind making fake money My parents love money but they will never use this means to get money Qian Mantian lost control and explained to Long Tianchu Good good every day you calm down I believe my father-in-law and mother-in-law but General Xiao did not do so for no reason so we all have to calmly investigate this matter Long Tianchu patted her on the shoulder and comforted her No I'm going to see my parents in the prison of the Ministry of Punishment I want to find out what's going on The words fell and without waiting for Long Tianchu to promise the man had already run away quickly Queen Long Tianchu was just about to catch up Long Tianguo grabbed Long Tianchu and said "Brother the most urgent thing is to find out about this I will protect your sister-in-law Please rest assured" When the words fell Long Tianguo ran after him Long Tianchu immediately looked at the little gold on one side and ordered "Hurry up and send General Xiao to the palace to face the saint" Then he strode in the direction of the imperial study "Yes!" The little gold immediately ran to deliver the decree The clear Food & Beverage sky darkened with a cold wind Long Tianchu learned from General Xiao that the reason why Qian and his wife were involved in the fake money case was that before the Mid-Autumn Festival a man who claimed to be sent by the Ming Palace asked them to sign the so-called promotional contract for shopping mall activities It was the man who took advantage of their inattention and deliberately put the contract made of fake money into it in order to frame them When Long Tianchu learned about this he immediately sent General Xiao to search for people in the Ming Palace but he didn't find them He questioned Long Tianming Long Tianming was aggrieved and said that someone wanted to frame him on purpose If he really had something to do with himself how could he claim to be from the Ming Palace! Later the government made great efforts to search for the people described by Qian Mantian and his wife drew portraits posted imperial lists to find people and rewarded those who provided clues Three days later the government found the man's body and since then all the clues and evidence have disappeared When Szeto Xiang learned about this he was very angry and came to the Ming Palace Why are you doing this Why is this scapegoat Tiantian's parents Szeto Xiang asked angrily Long Tianming took a sip of tea and said disapprovingly "Is it important" Someone has to be the scapegoat anyway Who dies differently "You-" Szeto Xiang angrily "Anyone can but not the people related to Tiantian You are not allowed to hurt the people around her" Long Tianming smiled faintly playing with the teacup in his hand and said "You are really sincere to her!"! Since you want to have him so much then cooperate with Ben Wang with your heart! If you have the world are you still afraid of not getting her By the way did you find the person who secretly manipulated the economy of Tiansheng Dynasty Is this man a friend or an enemy Long Tianming changed the subject and he naturally had his purpose in doing so Szeto Xiang stared coldly at Long Tianming and said disdainfully "I don't know whether it's an enemy or a friend because I didn't check it at all" 。