Reborn Scholar Becomes

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After Big Brother Su and Su Lei said that there was no market or hospital, Su Lei was even more convinced of his guess. So he went to the station with Big Brother Su to look for someone. The station was not big. He saw his father holding a little flower and a couple arguing in a corner. It turned out that my father raised the price on the spot. My father borrowed some money from others years ago, and now the New Year is coming, and others are pressing for debt. He himself was poor and lazy, where did he get the money, so he paid attention to Su Lei's brother and sister. Originally, he wanted to borrow Xiaohua to ask Su Lei for money. But Su Lei refused him bluntly, and the road was blocked. And the debt collector pressed day by day, so that he once again put his attention on Su Lei's brother and sister. A few days ago, he went out to look for buyers in the city. He heard that some couples wanted to buy other people's children to raise without their own children. He went to the hospital to inquire, and finally he found a couple who wanted to raise a girl. So he recommended himself, saying that his family had too many children to support, and was willing to sell a daughter to them, which led to today's abduction. I made an appointment to trade near the railway station at 12 o'clock today. After my father brought Xiaohua, the couple looked at it and planned to pay for it and take Xiaohua by train. Originally, the price was 2000, but the father was not greedy enough and wanted to raise the price to 2500, so there was a quarrel now. Su Lei saw his father discussing the price of flowers like selling cabbages, thinking that his mother had left because of him, and now his only relatives were going to be sold by him. New hatred and old hatred are added together, and they all have the heart to kill him. Suddenly, he was so angry that he grabbed the little flower and gave it to Brother Soda to hold. Then he began to hammer the slag father,gold cil machine, shouting angrily as he hit him. You beat our mother away three years ago, and now you want to sell my sister. "I tell you, no way, three years ago we have separated, she is not under your control, and Xiaohua from her birth I take care of her, I earn money to support her, she has nothing to do with you.". You haven't done your duty as a father, and now you're selling her for money. You're an animal. I will beat you to death even if I lose myself today. Su Lei really has the intention to kill! Seeing Su Lei has been out of control to beat people,mineral flotation, Su eldest brother to see also hit almost hurriedly to pull Su Lei, other onlookers through Su Lei's words also probably speculated what happened, while pulling Su Lei while spurning slag dad. Now is not the old society, and there are no natural and man-made disasters, even in the countryside, as long as hard work can still earn a food and clothing, where will go to the point of selling daughters. And from the young man's words, he knew that this man not only abused his wife and children, but also abducted and sold his own daughter, so he condemned his father one after another. Brother Su pulled Su Lei to persuade him: "He is a rotten man. It's not worth it for you to compensate yourself for him. Besides, if you really beat him to death, who will raise the little flower?"! You want her to be alone. No father, no mother, no only brother. How can you let her live? "Yes, yes, coltan ore processing ,manganese beneficiation plant, the young man is not worth it. Just teach him a lesson. Don't kill him." The man next to him also admonished. Su Lei also calmed down now, here makes so big, soon the police came over, took Su Lei, the slag father and that couple back to interrogate. Su Lei asked Brother Su to take some florets to the hospital to see if there was any problem. Brother Su took Xiaohua to the hospital next door for a check-up, and if there was no problem, he went to the police station to find Su Lei and told him to rest assured. And Su Lei here still have to record a statement, let Su eldest brother take Xiaohua back, he will pick up Xiaohua later. Su Lei hurriedly takes the floret to go back, returns to the home Su mother to run out hurriedly, saw the floret to look for the hanging heart to fall to the ground finally. Su Lei entrusted to their own care, because of their negligence almost let the flower was abducted and sold, Su mother's heart is really guilty. Hearing Big Brother Su talk about the origin of the whole thing, Mother Su was really so angry that she didn't know what to say. She really couldn't understand how there could be such a person. Mother Su asked Big Brother Su to send Su Lei something to eat, and it is estimated that he has not eaten anything since he came back. Brother Su sent food to Su Lei and came back with Su Lei. As a result, the father was locked up for 15 days, and Su Lei and the couple received a serious warning. The matter was finally settled, but the father sold his piece of land after he came out, and after paying off his debts, he hardly went out because he couldn't stand the criticism of the villagers. Since this happened, Su Lei has spent a lot of money to send Xiaohua to the kindergarten in the county. There can only pick up people with the card issued by the garden, and Su Lei also specifically explained that if a middle-aged man came to Xiaohua, he must not be allowed to pick up people. In this way, in the evening when Su Lei needs to go to stock up, he still leaves Xiaohua at Su Jin's house. That is to say, now Xiaohua only needs to sleep at Su Jin's house for one night, and the next day she will go directly to school. Su mother also thinks this is very good, originally is to see these two brothers and sisters pitiful help to take care of also nothing, who knows to happen such a thing, this is really frightened her. Although has severely taught that person, but after all, close, live in the same village, Su mother can not always stare at Xiaohua do not work, now go to school, Xiaohua is much safer. Chapter 12 Expanding Business In December, the weather is getting colder and colder, the sales of sugar water are declining, and the monthly income is only half of what it used to be. Now the operation of the sugar shop has been stable, and Su Mu and Li Jia are responsible for it. Father Su wanted to take advantage of the coming New Year to do other business, and these days he went to the nearby market to investigate. The sales of sugar water have been halved, which is within Su Jin's expectation. In summer, students like to eat something cold, and sugar water is just right. Now that students have returned to school, coupled with the cold weather in winter, the human body needs a lot of heat, human beings instinctively desire to eat meat, especially the kind of meat with soup and water, so small wontons and barbecues are very popular, and few people come to buy sugar water. Although Su Jin can also do these things,chrome washing machine, but these are too time-consuming and laborious, the family is now understaffed. Su Jin is not going to sell food for the time being, but also keep the capital and manpower to sell clothes.