Huijian breaks the thread of love

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Ge Lie thought, the monk's martial arts is so high, if he offended him, I am afraid there will be endless trouble, why not send him, and then plan? Therefore, he hurriedly laughed a few times and said, "a silver spindle can be worth geometry, since the master wants it." As he spoke, he took out the deerskin pouch from his bosom and put his hand into it to get the little embroidered purse. But he put his hand into it and could not get it out. His face changed and he stopped abruptly in the middle of the sentence! It turned out that he had reached into his pocket, but there was no small purse in it! Ge Lie's surprise was no small matter. The deerskin bag was almost close to his body, and he never left his body for a moment. How could the small flower purse disappear. If it is stolen by someone, then it is easy for the thief to take his life! Iron Arm Weng Ge Lie, in the north of the river, is very famous, and his martial arts do have special attainments. But now, his face was pale, his whole body trembled slightly, and he could not say a word! Everyone saw Ge Lie such a situation, the heart is very surprised. Jade Face Judge Du Chang first asked, "What's the matter, Master Ge?" At this moment, Ge Lie was really speechless. He raised his head and gave a wry smile, but did not speak. Everyone was even more surprised. At that moment, he heard the monk say, "It must be Master Ge who refuses. Hum,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Master Ge is a man of justice and spares money. Now he is helping a poor monk for less than one or two pieces of silver, but he still refuses. This can also be said to be a very undeserved reputation!" Ge Lie's face turned from white to red. He was so angry that he gave a sneer and said, "Master, if you take my small purse, please return it. If Master wants silver, take this small purse to Gejiazhuang in northern Hebei. There's not much. Thirty or fifty thousand taels. You can still get it together." As soon as they heard this, they were even more surprised, thinking that if the monk could steal his things from Ge Lie, it would be too powerful. And he stole something,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and came here to beg for alms by name, that is naturally intended to make trouble! As soon as they thought of this, they remembered that Ge Lie was not the only one he named to beg for alms. All of them had a share. They thought to themselves, what did they miss? As soon as they thought about it, each of them felt his own arms to see what was missing. Under a touch, everyone's face changes color. At this time, yuan Zhongsheng in the side, see this many masters, suddenly, are pale, the heart can not help but wonder, do not know what happened. But like him, Panke, who was watching from the side, was just as strange in his heart, but he had already seen that there was something missing from everyone that should never be lost, so in an instant, his face would become so ugly. And his heart, Theobromine Powder ,Quillaja Saponin, is also very surprised, prisoners for the eyes of these people, are first-class masters, came to the feijiazhuang, even feiqiguangniu, in order to deal with these people, can not help but feel headache. If the monk had the ability to do something to these people in front of him, then the man's martial arts were really incredible, and it was really necessary for Mr. Fei Qi to accept him vigorously! Pan Ke thought that he had never offended the monk from beginning to end, and he consoled himself in his heart. The monk laughed and said, "Master Ge, you've lost something yourself. How can you blame others for your death? Whoever stole something from you is the grey grandson, the bastard, the beast who can't see heaven!" As soon as the monk said these words, everyone was stunned. For one thing, it was such rude words, coming from the mouth of a monk, which sounded very harsh. Second, if the monk said so, the person who stole things would not be his. How could there be a fool in the world who called himself a "bastard"? Moreover, the person who stole things would not be his companion. Then, how did the monk know that all these people had lost something close to him? Everyone knew that there must be a lot of twists and turns, but everyone looked at each other, but could not say a word. The monk sneered and said, "You have the name of a swordsman in vain, but it turns out that all of them are such people. The poor monk can be said to be in vain." His words sounded as if they were made for the sake of fate, but everyone could hear the sound of his speech, which was a mockery of the people, an empty first-class master, but was tampered with, and did not know. As soon as he had finished speaking, he turned and walked out. For a moment, no one could think of a way to deal with it. In fact, it was not difficult for people to keep the monk, as long as they were humble and admitted that they were not good enough. However, when so many people are together, who is willing to lose the prestige of many years? Seeing that the monk was about to walk out of the courtyard, Suo Shiquan gave a dry laugh and said, "Master, let's go." "What's the matter?" The monk asked coldly. Suo Shiquan said, "Suo lost a folding fan. It's not worth much. But on the surface of the folding fan, there are a few bloodstains from my benefactor. I've been carrying them with me to show that I don't want to lose this fan, so.." At this point, the monk said impatiently, "Why are you telling me this nonsense?" Sick King Kong Suo Shiquan, full of sick face, can not help but show a trace of anger. But his angry look was fleeting, only to hear him say in a deep voice, "I don't know which master took the folding fan from me. I hope Master Shang can give me some advice." Lord of Suojia Fort in Liupan Mountain. He is very rich. He has a very high status in the martial arts world of the Central Plains and is highly respected by people. In addition to the nickname "Sick King Kong", he also has a nickname called "Sick Beneficial Taste", which shows that he is popular. At this time, he said so to the monk, which was already very polite. Had it not been for his request to the monk, he would never have said so. But the monk rolled his eyes and said, "Nonsense, who knows?" Suo Shiquan said in a deep voice,D BHB Factory, "If you don't know, why did you come here to beg for alms?" "Monks eat in ten directions," said the monk. "Do you care where they go and where they beg for alms?" 。