Thief Red Witch

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As soon as the sound of these words came out, Mammy Bai was so frightened that she trembled all over. "Our men were killed," said Kang Dingye and Tai Qingsheng. Kang Dingye and Tai Qingsheng were even more frightened. At the same time, he said, "What should I do?" "We must go and verify it before we try," said Mammy Bai. "But I'm afraid it's not easy to get close to the'King Kong Prison '. We must be even more careful." On this occasion, I heard the "Leader of the Eight Diagrams" ask another man in black: "The manager's clever plan is like a God, but I wonder if the'Dragon Slayer's Childe 'can transport the'Linxu Whip' out of prison?" In his tone, there was no doubt that Kang Yannan had also been lured into the'Vajra Prison. 'The'Ghost Eye Old Man' who had been questioned said with a smile, "Don't you know that the'Linxu Whip 'has now entered the'Suction Heaven Pool'?"? Guo Mou absolutely does not let the other party have a chance to escape. The "Jiuyin Sect Leader" was the first to applaud, saying, "Brother Guo has done a great job. Now we can rest easy!" "Don't rejoice too early," said the Superior Valley Leader. "There is still an artifact in the Vajra Prison. Xin Wei's sword can't break through the cave door, but it can.." He suddenly stopped talking, as if he were afraid of revealing the secret! The "Master of the Eight Diagrams" was a little ignorant and asked, "Is there any place in the cave that is easy to attack?" The "Ghost Eye Old Man" was afraid that the "Superior Valley Leader" would be annoyed. He said hurriedly, "Master, beware of someone peeping nearby. There is a button in the prison. If it is discovered by the people in the cave, the Excalibur will be broken. "But the button is very secret and can't be found easily!" "Brother Guo,alloy die casting," said Master Jiuyin, "try to get the Excalibur out. Otherwise, it would be a hidden danger." "Ghost eye old man" Hei Hei laughs: "Brother has premeditated early! As long as Xin Wei doesn't have any desire, otherwise the magic sword will fall into the hands of'Fan Lou Yao Ji '. If so, how can'Fan Lou Yao Ji' escape the hands of my Valley Lord in order to get out of the cave? Please wipe your eyes to see it. In a hurry, Mammy Bai beckoned Kang Dingye and Tai Qingsheng to leave the place. "Brother Yan is really trapped," she said. "I don't know who else is here? Now while these five people are here,titanium machining parts, it is important to quickly go to the'King Kong Prison 'to find out the facts! At the end of the night and the beginning of the dawn, the three of them had approached a very precipitous cliff. Tai Qingsheng saw that there was a steep wall in front of him, and its height could not reach the top at a glance. So he went forward and said, "I don't know the name of this black ditch." "Be careful," said Mammy Bai in a hurry. "This is the'Half Step Danger '. The cliff in front of you is called the'Tianhe Gate'. This ditch is as deep as ten thousand feet. The'Vajra Prison 'is at the bottom of this ditch. If you don't descend according to the echelons, no matter how good your flying skills are, you will fall off the cliff and die!" Tai Qingsheng stood still and asked in a panic, "It's dark down there. We'll have to wait until dawn." "The east is now white," said Mammy Bai. "Daybreak will come in an instant. Let's sit down and discuss it. Although there is no movement on the cliff, there must be a lot of ambushes under it." Kang Dingye suddenly felt something strange behind him. He jumped up and shouted, "Who is he?" Before Mammy Bai could sit down, she turned to look back and saw five dark shadows. "It's the Superior Valley Lord," she said hurriedly. As soon as Tai Qingsheng saw that there was no way to get away, metal stamping parts ,CNC machining parts, he hurriedly said to Kang Dingye, "Master, you can prepare the magic flute without waiting for the other side to make a move." Kang Dingye saw the five shadows rush like the wind to a stop ten feet away, so he took the flute to guard against it and secretly used his inner strength. At the same time, he said to Mammy Bai, "Please take a step back, old man." When Mammy White heard this, she had to step back, but her eyes were always fixed on each other. The five people on the opposite side were indeed the'Superior Valley Lord ', the'Nine Yin Leader', the'Eight Diagrams Leader ',' Ghost Eye Old Man 'and the'Former Deputy Valley Lord', but they seemed to be very surprised at this time! "Hey, hey, hey!"! There are three big fish missing here. This is the'Demon Lord 'with a semi-sarcastic tone to provoke the'Superior Valley Lord'. Then the old man with ghost eyes laughed and said, "You can't make a big net. Can't you even make a small net?" As soon as the "Eight Diagrams Leader" saw that the "Nine Yin Leader" had the potential to be provoked, he immediately waved his hand and said, "Your Excellency, wait a minute. Look at what the former one is holding in his hand. There are not many people who know the "auspicious golden flute" in the hands of Kang Dingye, but only the "Demon Yin Jun" can be seen at a glance, which is reminded by the words of the "Eight Religious Leaders". The air of power and prestige suddenly disappeared. "That's the magic flute," he exclaimed. "Why did it get into his hands?" Once the word "Shenxiao" entered the ears of the'Superior Valley Lord ', its value was really equal to that of the'Linxu Whip', and even better than that of the 'Nine Princes'. He could not help but step out, and said with a sneer in his mouth: "There is still one of the three great treasures in Wulin!" Kang Dingye saw that he had shot out two brilliant lights from his mask. He knew that if the opponent didn't shoot, he would shoot like a thunderbolt. He was extremely vicious, so he calmly took the flute as his chest and carefully adapted to the opportunity. When the'Superior Valley Lord 'stepped into the third step, he suddenly saw the'Ghost Eye Old Man' shouting in a solemn voice: "Valley Lord, don't use enough skill, and don't kill people in your mind!" No one will believe that these two sentences, which contain the tone of a decent Wulin style, come from the mouth of a sinister and treacherous person. This shows the understanding and fear of the "Ghost Eye Old Man" for the "Peaceful Golden Xiao"! When the "Superior Valley Lord" heard this, he looked surprised and uncertain, and the right leg that had taken the fourth step showed that he had lost ground. Kang Dingye shouted, "Superior Valley Lord, if you don't advance, you will fall behind. There is no other way." The "Ghost Eye Old Man" was afraid that his master would be provoked, so he quickly went up and said with a smirk, "I'm afraid you don't know the'Eight Words of Truth 'of the auspicious golden flute. It's'Forget your worries and stop your desires, stop fighting and stop killing.' It's effective if you use it for defense. If you want to attack but can't, we won't retreat. Let's see what you can do." "You don't know my wife is here," said Mammy Bai with a sneer. As soon as the words came out of his mouth,deep draw stamping, he raised his hand to split and attacked the'Superior Valley Lord 'in the chest. Superior Valley Lord knew that the action must affect Kang Dingye, so he was forced to withdraw and retreat. He was so angry with Monet. The old man with ghost eyes was said to be full of tricks, but he was at his wits' end. He retreated faster than the superior Valley Lord.