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But looking at Li Qing's shallow smile Gu Jin sighed silently and moved the car Where is Brother Li going Holding the steering wheel Gu Jinyu glanced at Li Qinghuan and asked Where is Mumu going Gu Jin one Leng then frowned she really can not see through Li Qinghuan this person Just as he was about to speak the sweet bell rang To swallow what he was going to say Gu Jin pressed the Natural Products and Extracts Bluetooth headset and didn't look at the caller ID Just listen to the voice Gu Jin's face finally changed and he shouted in a low voice "Mom" Li Qinghuan saw the whole process in his eyes looked at Gu Jin coldly and said a few words that were neither light nor heavy and then hung up the phone Gu Jin did not expect that the parents of this body actually wanted her to leave for the United States to live with them However when Mu Nuan needed it they were not there nor were they willing to take her with them Mu Nuan grew up and didn't need it Instead they wanted to pick her up If it is really Mu Nuan will she agree No a heart has been gradually cooling in disappointment how can it be expected Li Qinghuan took one look at Gu Jin and said lightly "Send me back to the studio!" Gu Jin from the confused thoughts back to God this just now unexpectedly undisguised his emotions revealed but at this time she really did not have much mood to deal with Li Qinghuan a cold nod Li Qinghuan watched the red Ferrari disappear in front of him Then he slowly took out his cell phone and dialed a phone He said lightly "My car is in Professor Zhou's Help me drive it back" Holding the mobile phone and looking at the place where Gu Jin disappeared Li Qinghuan smiled slowly and spit out two words slowly "Mu Mu" Before that he never knew that he would fall in love with a person at first sight But there is no reason in the corridor that look back he looked at her coming there is a voice in his heart to tell him that this is the person And then day by day he suddenly appeared like to come for no reason But that's how he liked it Li Qinghuan smiled softly and his eyebrows and eyes were full of smiles Gu Jin returned to his villa boarded the game and began to kill monsters to accumulate experience to upgrade himself There is only one lonely person in the list of friends and the head portrait is dark Gu Jin glanced at it went to the forum silently and then was caught off guard by the reward order to kill himself in the first place which became a hot topic Gu Jin one eye ten lines read this just now not only bully the world to own under the kill order and soft weak soft Mimi have issued a reward order With a sarcastic smile Gu Jin left the forum Although the invisibility amulet can temporarily hide her Id this is not the way after all too many people know her if where to meet she will become a gold ingot in the eyes of players Click on the list of friends again looking at the still not online ten miles Qing Huan Gu Jin silently sighed Come on pray like God don't get caught today! Continue to kill a few strange looking at the experience value slowly climbing turtle Gu Jin just want to curse There is no great God to kill the big Boss these little monsters Chemicals Suppliers she is afraid to kill a year can not return to the previous level As soon as he finished speaking he saw the soft and weak Gu Jin reached out and rubbed his head It seemed that there would be a fierce battle today Put the hand on the keyboard Gu Jin naturally let himself into combat mode will be in the backpack to buy the axe out of the past toward the chop A buff in the past unexpectedly let the soft weak weak blood value down more than half Have to say although the level is not but Gu Jin's operation is still perfect Rou Rou Wei Wei Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan you sneak attack unexpectedly! Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan Are you blind This is obviously fair and aboveboard Soft weak weak I will make you pay the price Gu Jin did not want to speak and another skill was lost in the past Just for a while less than looking at the figure of bullying the world Gu Jin pumped the corners of his mouth It seems that the experience value that she has worked so hard to get back these days will be gone again Bully the world Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan you simply bully people too much Rou Rou repeatedly let you give you face right! Sheng Ge Nuannuan I don't want the face smashed by the little bitch You think too much Rourou Mimi I must avenge Sister Rourou today Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan I will make you get out of this game Rou Rou Wei Wei Mimi don't do this When is the time for retribution Nuannuan doesn't want to There is just a misunderstanding between us Gu Jin looked at the blue soft with all kinds of attribute conversion cold hum Sheng Ge Nuannuan What a white lotus flower! You really should go to see a doctor Ouyang Zheng typing hand saw this sentence immediately stopped I do not Agrochemicals know why suddenly came to mind a person The tone of this sentence is really like a person but still shook his head Bullying The feud between us is over How long are you going to be entangled Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan I suddenly feel that you are shameless and really praise you Go back to eat more walnuts nourish your brain and then come out to show your wisdom Rou Rou Wei Wei Nuan Nuan can't you let go Gu Jin just wants to touch the forehead only feel that these people really do not understand human language also do not understand Chinese characters Rourou Mimi Sister Rourou don't be so kind She is so insatiable because of your kindness Bully the world Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan as long as you do not appear in front of me in the future do not look for soft trouble I will withdraw the reward order Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan Sick! You all have a cat disease! I don't want to be entangled any more My fingers are flying and I will do it directly She really felt that it was best to fight and if she listened to these brainless people go on she might not be able to hold back her illness Ouyang Zheng frowned a skill went down then killed Gu Jin Gu Jin looked at the game back to the resurrection point of their own and then saw a few people suddenly moved silent The screen reflected the radian of Gu Jin's sneer silently saying that Gu Jin was angry It seems that these people are really going to force her out of the game and hunt her directly at the resurrection point It seems that they want her to go back to the furnace and rebuild Section XIV Deep Love (XIV) Client Plus Sheng Ge Nuan Nuan It seems that you are not only shameless and cheap but also a fickle a snake heart very suitable globalchemmall.com