Advanced CPR training manikin

Advanced CPR training manikin

Advanced CPR training manikin [ GD/ CPR10400, 10450 ]


CPR manikin features:

1. Clear anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance; 

2. Simulate vital signs:

    1. Initial stage: manikin pupils are dilated, no carotid pulse;

    2. During the compression operation, there is passive pulse of carotid pulse,

        and the pulse rate is in line with compression rate; 

    3. After successful rescue, the manikin pupils return to normal and get spontaneous carotid pulse;


3. Provide consciousness judgment, emergency call, pulse examination,

    breath examination and foreign body clearance operation; 

4. Can perform artificial breathing and cardiac compression, airway open;


5. Three operation modes: CPR training, simulating assessment and actual assessment

    1. Model I: CPR training, can perform compression and inflation

    2. Mode II: Simulating assessment, during the rated period complete 5 cycles CPR operation

        basing on 2010 international CPR standard, with compression and inflation ratio: 30:2;

    3. Mode III: Actual assessment, during the setting period, complete the pre-set assessment

        Standard according to the 2010 international CPR standard; teachers can set operating time,

        cycle number, compression  and inflation ratio, correct compression no.,

        correct inflation no., and the accuracy rate of compression and inflation;