Obstetrics Skills Training System

Obstetrics Skills Training System


The simulator upgrades from GD/F55. Its system is developed according to the standardization training syllabus of the newest house staff and combined with requirement of clinical skills operation in gynaecology and obstetrics. It includes multiple subjects such as gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, emergency treatment and nursing, which can be divided into puerperal and neonates system. There two large scale systems cover first-aid knowledge points of the entire labor process, basic nursing, postpartum nursing care and BLS of infant and Mother, ACLS and PLS. It provides classical dystocia cases, e.g. normal labor, cord around neck delivery, breech dystocia, preeclampsia, caesarean birth, prolapsed of umbilical cord, premature birth and potential hemorrhage before, during and after delivery, which instructs obstetrical workers to identificate different natal stages through partogram, diagnose abnormal labor stages in clinic and deal with it property; to diagnose fetal distress in time by clinical fetal monitoring and handle it; and to train nursing care and emergency treatment for neonates. The software can self-edit clinical cases, simulate real clinical environment and cultivate students’ ability in clinical diagnosis and team cooperation for labor and emergency cases. 

System configuration:

1. Gravida manikin (for delivery and adult first aid)

2. Neonatal manikin (for first aid and nursing care)

3. Fetal manikin (for delivery)

4. Other auxiliary set