Childbirth Skills Training Simulator

Childbirth Skills Training Simulator


This model consists of pelvic cavity, fetus (with umbilical cord and placenta), cervix check model (cervix change of antepartum), perineum cutting and suturing training simulator and etc. With lifelike shape, cervix check and childbirth procedure can be operated. Trainees can simulate proper childbirth procedure, assisted delivery, perineum protecting and episiotomy.


1. Cervix check model: size of cervical ora, effacement of cervical canal and the position of fetal head corresponding to the plane of ischial spine can be checked

2. Fetus model. The skin is soft and fontanel is visible. Vacuum extraction, umbilical cord ligation and placenta explusion can be exercised. 

3. Childbirth model: The model consists of transparent abdominal wall and lifelike skin. Simulate normal or different labors, assisted delivery and perineum protecting

4. Perineum cutting and suturing training simulator: The simulator can be used repeatedly. One set of the simulator consists of three components; separately simulate the right posterior incision, left posterior incision or median incision.