There will be a wife later.

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Ji Muqing sat next to her, looking at her slightly swollen lips, her eyes changed, and her voice lowered: "I will accompany you to see." Yu Sheng hurriedly shook his head: "No, it may take a long time." "Then stop talking." Ji Muqing interrupted her and got up to go to the room. Yu Sheng saw her come out with a thin blanket. "Look at it." Yu Sheng could not resist her and had no way to sit on the sofa. Although near early summer, but the night is still cool, Ji Muqing will cover the blanket in the waist side, she handed the other side of the blanket to Yu Sheng, Yu Sheng thought or took over, climbed into the blanket. Two people each sit on one side of the sofa, the legs cover tightly, the sofa is not particularly big, Yu Sheng is very careful to lean on the inside, not to touch Ji Muqing's legs. But when she accidentally touched her, she still blushed for a long time. Ji Muqing leaned on the edge of the sofa to play with her mobile phone, as if she was afraid to disturb her. She did not turn on the sound, but occasionally looked happy. Yu Sheng forced herself not to aim at Ji Muqing. After three or two times, she put all her mind on the information. Not much information. There are several arguments about why the Han family failed to sign a contract with ygr. It is said that because of her boyfriend, the last time she came to Z country and contacted the Han family, her boyfriend also came over. Once she felt uncomfortable after dinner and wanted to go back early. Her boyfriend also accompanied her back to the hotel. But after she fell asleep, her boyfriend went out secretly to meet the person in charge of Han at that time. His posture was very intimate. This was seen by one of her assistants. Sent a photo to her,face recognition identification kiosk, she angrily returned home directly, even the Han family did not say hello. Of course, the boyfriend went back and kicked off. Later, after Han knew it, she dismissed the person in charge and contacted Ai to apologize, but she was not forgiven. She thought that the person in charge of a project was enough to represent the company's criteria for selecting talents. Such a person can be the person in charge, it can be imagined that Han is not the object of cooperation. Of course, this is just her personal standard. This matter is not very big,temperature check kiosk, after all, involves the face of both sides, the Han family is because of the person in charge of face damage, Ai is because of her boyfriend's infidelity, face loss. Therefore, under the suppression of both sides, this matter has not been known by the public. Everyone thought that she had suddenly changed her mind and was unwilling to cooperate with the Han family, so she returned home. Yu Sheng looked through the information again, of course, this is not the only way to say, it is also said that because Ai Li and Han Youyou in Z country, that is, the eldest lady of the Han family had a quarrel, so he would return home without saying hello. She held the information in her hand and rubbed her eyes. Sitting around for a long time, facial recognization camera ,digital signage screen, some sour, Yu Sheng stretched a lazy waist, stretched to half to see Ji Muqing eyes looking at her, she reluctantly pulled her lips: "What's wrong?" Ji Muqing lowered his head and said, "It's all right. Have you finished reading?" Yu Sheng looks to data: "Still have a bit, if you are tired, go having a rest first." Attitude comes naturally. Ji Muqing smiled: "Not sleepy." Yu Sheng saw that she had been looking at her cell phone and asked, "What are you looking at?" Ji Muqing turned his cell phone to show her. Yu Sheng narrowed his eyes and saw the clear introduction of XX hot spring hall on the screen. Then Ji Muqing pointed his slender fingers on it. A shallow crescent moon shape on his fingernails was pink. Yu Sheng followed her fingers and saw that there were hot spring halls and several shops below. Why are you looking at this? Yu Sheng frowned and seemed puzzled. Ji Muqing took back his cell phone and rubbed Yu Sheng's legs with his toes. Both of them were wearing skirts, so she touched her delicate skin without hindrance. I think hot springs are good for the skin. Yu Sheng was aware of the temperature of her tiptoe. She trembled in her heart and bowed her head. "Then go to the bubble more often." As she spoke, she stretched her legs inside. Ji Muqing moved his legs. One leg was on her leg, and there was a bulge under the blanket. "It's boring to be alone." Yu Sheng bowed his head. "Where is your friend?" Ji Muqing looked at his cell phone with a casual expression: "No friends." Yu Sheng bowed his head and retorted, "Where is Miss Chen?" Ji Mu smiled lightly. "Which Miss Chen?" Then she raised her lips. Unexpectedly, Yu Sheng was still thinking about Chen Xiaoxiao. She said lightly, "I'm not familiar with her." Yu Sheng: I don't care whether you are familiar or not. Yu Sheng murmured in silence, but her heart was filled with joy. She lowered her eyes and said, "I'll look at the rest of the information tomorrow. It's getting late. Let's have a rest." Ji Muqing nodded: "All right." Her mouth said good, but the body did not move, a white slender leg still fell on Yu Sheng's legs, Yu Sheng moved, the instep touched Ji Muqing's inner thigh, delicate skin, she immediately stopped. Ji Muqing glanced at her lightly, smiled and took back his legs, put them under the sofa, stood up and walked to the bathroom. Yu Sheng heard the sound of closing the door and bowed his head, blushing. The instep still seems to have a warm touch. It's so delicate that her heart is itching. Yu Sheng slowly retracted his legs, sat cross-legged, looked in the direction of Ji Muqing's bathroom, and pursed his lips. When Ji Muqing went out of the bathroom, Yu Sheng had already packed up the document bag and blanket, folded them and put them on the side of the sofa. When she saw Ji Muqing coming out, she slanted her head: "You rest first, and I'll go to wash." "Good." Yu Sheng came out of the bathroom after half a ring. When she returned to the guest room, she saw someone sleeping on the bed. She frowned and shouted: "Vice General Manager Ji?" Ji Muqing couldn't see anything and said sleepily, "The light in my room is broken. I'll make do with you for one night." Yu Sheng: Chapter eighty-six deep water plus more Yu Sheng is not the first time and Ji Muqing sleep in a bed, usually she may also be coy, now is really boring, because she is really tired. Originally, soaking in hot springs was enough to waste physical strength. When she came back, she sat and read the information for such a long time. After she went to bed, she fell asleep without saying a few words to Ji Muqing. Breathing is long and steady. Ji Muqing slanted his head to see her light sleeping eyes showing soft light, she reached out to turn off the bedside lamp, two people did not divide the quilt, covered with a thin quilt, Yu Sheng may feel cold, rubbed against her side, soft fragrance hit,temperature scanning kiosks, Ji Muqing contentedly hugged her. Lowering his head and smelling the fragrance of his hair, Ji Muqing raised his lips and kissed him. Move gently. Her eyes were bright in the darkness, reflecting a faint light.